Adam AMBARZUMJAN - JLV Ligature ambassador for clarinet
Professional clarinetist

" The JLV ligatures give me more flexibility in sound in all registers. Big improvement in articulation and response, especially in the upper register. Thank you, Jean-Luc ! " Read more
Nicolas ARSENIJEVIC - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone soprano, alto, tenor, baryton
Professional saxophonsit

" The JLV Ligature JLV gives me a real comfort of play, in all the registers and in all the dynamics. Finally, it allows me to no longer worry about material questions and to devote myself to the music itself ! Thank you Jean-Luc Vignaud ! " Read more
Lucien AUBERT - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone and clarinetLucien AUBERT
Professional clarinetist

" Great ease, a very beautiful sound ! " Read more
Maxime BAZERQUE - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone
Professional saxophonist

" For an instrument like the baritone saxophone, the JLV Ligature is ideal ! It offers a disconcerting ease of emission and a round and pure sound. " Read more
José BATISTA jr - JLV Ligature ambassador for clarinet
Professional clarinetist

" An original construction with a unique result in projection. The reed vibrates very freely. A pure sound ! " Read more
Daniel BELLOVI - JLV Ligature ambassador for clarinet
Professional clarinetist

" The JLV ligatures produce a round and wide sound, which in turn possesses a great richness of harmonics, which makes it easy to emit and balance in all the registers of my Low Clarinets, Alto Clarinet, Basset Horn, Bass Clarinet and Contrabass Clarinet. " Read more
Antoine BELEC - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone and clarinet
Antoine BELEC
Freelance saxophonist

" The JLV Sound system with its totally innovative concept endows this accessory with a major role in sax or clarinet players’ life offering an unrivaled ease of sound emission. With JLV Ligature, musical performance only is expression and music…congratulations and thank you ! " Read more
Guillaume BERCEAU - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone
Guillaume BERCEAU
Professional saxophonist

" The JLV ligature allows me to develop the sound beyond what I could imagine, without any extra effort. It is an anthology of sound color for a pure acoustic happiness. " Read more
Iñaki BERMÚDEZ - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone
Professional saxophonist

" This ligature gives my sound a freedom that makes it easier to find different colors in music and helps the projection of the sound. " Read more
Bernard PIERLUIGI - JLV Ligature ambassadors for clarinet
Professional clarinetist

" Jean-Luc Vignaud has created a revolutionary ligature. Something that really does make the difference.
The only ligature in the world capable of giving the freedom to choose where you want to hold your reed.This make it possible to really change the response of the reed no matter if cane or synthetic.
The intrusion of the ligature over the reed is always minimised thanks to 4 little points of contact and it makes it look like a little spider.
I couldn’t go back right now.
The difference with any other ligature is so big that I wouldn’t be able to have the same feelings while playing without my “ little spider " Read more
Alexandr BOBEYKO - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone
Alexandr BOBEYKO
Professional saxophonist

" Before trying the JLV ligature I thought that there was no remarkable difference between ligatures of different brands. With JLV the sound is much more pure, well centered, more flexibility for the detached. this ligature makes it much easier to find the right reeds ! A big thank you to Jean-Luc Vignaud ! " Read more
Frank BUNSELMEYER - JLV Ligature ambassador for clarinet
Professional clarinetist

" Since two years I am a big fan of this JLV ligature and now there is a new bronze base, which is still a progress for the sound !
Bravissimo Jean-Luc ! Great ! " Read more
Pedro CARVALHO - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone
Professional saxophonist

" The JLV ligature is amazing. The reed vibrates more and brings a rich sound in harmonics. I love its projection and pure sound.The comfort, clarity, rich full sound, ease of articulation, tuning are unbelievable... The Best ligature in the world for me. Bravo Jean Luc... " Read more
Benjamin CHALAT - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone soprano, alto, tenor, baryton
Benjamin CHALAT
Professional saxophonsits

" The JLV Sound ligature is for the saxophonist the key to musical freedom.
Color homogeneity in all registers,
Ease of sound emission and detached,
Lengthening the life of the reeds by its “Resurfacing” qualities,
Development unexampled of the qualities of expression and the possibilities of mode of play,
Customization by an important choice of model.
The JLV Sound ligature represents the excellence of artisanal and artistic know-how. " Read more
Aina Helgeland DAVIDSEN - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone
Aina Helgeland DAVIDSEN
Professional saxophonist

" When performing and choosing my ligature one of the most important elements for me is having a ligature I trust, that gives my reed a metal to vibrate to (to center my sound), without harming my beloved and expensive mouthpiece. I have tried such a huge variety of ligatures, and have finally found one of my favorites! It is goldplated, metal, with protection on the sides to support my mouthpiece and a beautiful touch – on the side/screw a purple Rhinestone (I choose the color myself). You need to be observant of the placing of the ligature, however, as soon as you find your rhythm there’s only enjoyment left. The sound is warm, and the ligature gives more opportunities to vary the sound when changing the amount of tightening of the screw. All in all, I am very satisfied with my JLV ligature so far, and am looking forward to the continuing journey with this product of quality. A perfect match - a gold-plated ligature for my gold-plated saxophone - just what I have been missing! - Aina Helgeland Davidsen, Classical Saxophonist. " Read more
Philippe GEISS - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone
Philippe GEISS
Professional saxophonist

" JLV ligatures give me real playing comfort, fine adjustment of the reactivity of my reeds which in all circumstances allows me to develop a wide range of colors on my saxophones. " Read more
Javier LINARES LEYVA - JLV Ligature ambassadors for saxophone
Professional saxophonist

" The JLV ligatures allow you to get the most out of the vibration of the reeds, being able to shape the sound to my liking, obtaining a wide palette of sound colors according to the interpretation of each style. They have been a revolution in my concept of sound. " Read more
Kacper PUCZKO - JLV Ligature ambassadors for saxophone
Professional saxophonist

" The very first time I tried the JLV ligature I was amazed at the range of colors you can get. This ligature offers new sonic possibilities, it has an exceptional purity and in a surprising way "opens" the sound. It gives complete freedom in the game. " Read more
Synthèse Quartet - JLV Ligature ambassadors for saxophone
Synthèse Quartet
Professional saxophonist

" JLV ligatures give us a full, clean, homogeneous and flexible quartet tone. In addition, we guarantee that our reeds always perform at optimum quality. This is the most complete ligature we have ever tried. Thank you very much to the Vignaud family for contributing to the evolution of the saxophone. " Read more