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Synthèse Quartet - JLV Ligature ambassadors for saxophone

Synthèse Quartet - JLV Ambassadors - JLV Ligature for saxophone

" JLV ligatures give us a full, clean, homogeneous and flexible quartet tone. In addition, we guarantee that our reeds always perform at optimum quality. This is the most complete ligature we have ever tried. Thank you very much to the Vignaud family for contributing to the evolution of the saxophone. "

Synthèse Quartet 











The group formed at the Superior Conservatory of Castilla y León. Inspired by the idea of ​​“synthesis” as something complex which results from the bringing together, the organization and the bringing together of different dispersed elements, they decided to give this name to the group. The participants of this award-winning chamber ensemble come from different regions of Spain (Badajoz, Zaragoza or Madrid), thus giving the quartet great personality and significant cultural enrichment.

Initially guided by Ángel Soria (Sigma Project), they immerse themselves in chamber music with the help of pianist Brenno Ambrosini. They followed the advice of prestigious musicians such as Marcus Weiss (Trio Accanto), Marie-Bernadette Charrier (Proxima Centauri), Fukio Ensemble, Ramon Lazkano (composer), Alejandro Bustamante (violinist), Alberto Rosado (pianist) or Antonio García Jorge (Yendo) Quartet).

Among their awards are the First Prize and the Special Audience Prize at the X Youth Musical Competition in Ávila and the prestigious First Prize at the XIII National Chamber Music Competition "Ciudad de Cox".


In the same year they received the First Prize of the XII National Chamber Music Competition "Jacobo Soto Carmona" in the city of Albox and the First Prize of the II National Chamber Music Competition "Abate Marchena" in the city of Utrera. . In their file, they also received the Prize for the Best Interpretation of a Spanish Work at the XXII International Music Competition "Pedro Bote" and the First Prize for two consecutive years in the III and IV Editions of the Chamber Music Competition of Salamanca Professional Conservatory of Music.

They have performed in large national venues such as the Centro Centro Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid, the Palacio de Figueroa in Salamanca, the Club de Regatas in Santander, Lienzo Norte in Ávila, etc. They also offered their music internationally with a concert tour in the city of Gdánsk (Poland) as well as with their participation in the "XVIII World Saxophone Congress" held in the city of Zagreb (Croatia).

At the national level, their activity is not limited only to large concert halls. Indeed, they showed their work live through the program "Andante con moto" of Radio Nacional Clásica and participated in the "Ensems Festival".

Javier Valero (soprano sax), Ángela Romera (alto sax), Ismael Arroyo (tenor sax) and Raúl Flox (baritone sax).






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