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Pedro CARVALHO - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone




Pedro CARVALHO - JLV Ambassador - JLV Ligature for saxophone

" The JLV ligature is amazing. The reed vibrates more and brings a rich sound in harmonics. I love its projection and pure sound. The comfort, clarity, rich full sound, ease of articulation, tuning are unbelievable... The Best ligature in the world for me. Bravo Jean Luc... "














Born in Coimbra (Portugal) in 1985, Pedro Carvalho is a graduate of the University of Aveiro - Department of Communication and Art. He studied saxophone at the music school of the National Conservatory of Coimbra with Madeira Alves and Paulo Almeida at the professional music school Espinho with Francisco Ferreira and at the University of Aveiro with Fernando Ramos.
He participated in lessons with: Arno Bornkamp, ​​António Filipe Belijar, Alfonso Padilla, Alberto Roque, Alexandre Doisy, Albert Julià, Christian Wirth, Claude Delangle, Fabrizio Mancuzo, Gerard McChrystal, Gilberto Bernardes, Henk Van Twillert, Jean Yves Fourmeau, Jean Marie Londeix, Jean-Denis Michat, James Houlik, João Figueiredo, José Massarão, Mário Marzi, Otis Murphy, Vincent David, Stephane Laport, Xelo Giner, Jean Yves Fourmeau Saxophone Quartet, Amsterdam saxophone Quartet, Quad Quartet among others.
In 2007, he participated in the European saxophone university of Gap (France) with C. Delangle, A. Bornkamp, ​​C. Wirth, V. David, J. D. Michat, F. Mancuso, P. Braquart.
In 2009, he won second prize at the IV International Music Competition Terras de La Salette (Oliveira de Azemeis) - Portugal.
He has performed with several orchestras such as the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra, the Espinho Classical Orchestra, the Filarmonia das Beiras Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Porto Conservatory of Music, the Symphony Orchestra of the University of Aveiro, the Centro orchestra, the Santa Maria da Feira symphony orchestra, the Orfeão de Leiria orchestra, the group of instruments of the Sopro Coimbra Orchestra with great conductors such as Jean-Sébastien Béreau, Ian Cober, Jan Van der Roost , José Rafael Vilaplana, Cesário Costa, Alberto Roque, Douglas Bostock, Norton Milanez, Ernst Schelle, Adelino Martins, André Granjo, Araújo Pereira, Carlos Marques, José Pedro Figueiredo, João Paulo Fernandes, Francisco Ferreira, Fernando Marinho, Luís Carvalho, Luís Cardoso, José Firmino, Paulo Martins, Pedro Neves, among others.
He has won awards in several saxophone competitions and has appeared as a soloist with the Wind Orchestra of the music school of the Conservatory of Orfeão de Leiria.
He has played in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy.
He has been a teacher at the Music School of the Conservatory of Leiria, at the Conservatory of Music of David Sousa in Figueira da Foz and at the School of Music of the Academy of Alcobaça and has given masterclasses and workshops in Aveiro , Águeda, Albergaria-a-Velha, Figueira da Foz, Pombal, Coimbra, Santarém, among others. other.
Interested in the creation and development of contemporary Portuguese music, his master's thesis speaks of: "The influence of the voice on the artistic expression of a saxophone".
He is a member of the Art Sax Quartet and artistic director of the S.F. Louriçalense Saxophone Ensemble.







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