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Guillaume BERCEAU

Guillaume BERCEAU - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone

Guillaume BERCEAU



Guillaume BERCEAU - JLV Ambassador - JLV Ligature for saxophone

" The JLV ligature allows me to develop the sound beyond what I could imagine, without any extra effort. It is an anthology of sound color for a pure acoustic happiness. "

Guillaume BERCEAU  





















Born in the South Ouest of France, Guillaume began the saxophone in his home town music school, before studying in the conservatories of Bordeaux, Bayonne, and Toulouse in which he obtained two DEM of saxophone. He participated in numerous Masterclasses lead by the most famous names of the saxophone (Delangle, David, Bornkamp, Young, Hirano, quartets Diastema and Habanera), but also of music (Rostropovitch, Vengerov, Lockwood, Zygel and Stockhausen). He graduated in 2015 of the Soloist Master unanimously with the congratulations of the jury to the National Superior Conservatory of Music of Paris (CNSMDP) in the classes of Claude Delangle and Christophe Bois, through an entitled show « Métamorphosis ». During this show, he demonstrated his perfect control of all the saxophones, from the soprano to the bass , which he is a specialist. Guillaume obtained in the the same year a Bachelor of Pedagogy (DE) in the CEFEDEM of Ile-de-France.
Always in search for educational and artistic revival, Guillaume shared an original directory by creating a show of musical theater entitled ” The Restaurant ” with Quatu’or Laloi, and also by participating in projects with dance, in movies-concerts, as well as in creations with contemporary composers of the IRCAM and in the CNSMDP. He also plays as soloist in prestigious stages as the Philharmonie de Paris, the Théâtre du Châtelet or still the International Congress of the saxophone. Known for his experience and his sound esthetics, Guillaume is consultant for the company D’ Addario (Los Angeles).
Guillaume is a founder member of the Zahir Quartet, studying in the Chamber Music class of the Master Lazlo Hadady in the CNSMDP. He did great performances in the competitions of the UFAM and Gap, then by obtaining the 1st price of Honor of the Bellan competition, and the 4th price of prestigious international Adolphe Sax competition of Dinant (Belgium) in 2014. Guillaume teaches the saxophone and free improvisation during summer academies, also in the Rambouillet and Pierrefitte’s conservatories.











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