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Benjamin CHALAT

Benjamin CHALAT - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone soprano, alto, tenor, baryton

Benjamin CHALAT



Benjamin CHALAT - JLV Ambassador - JLV Ligature for saxophones

" The JLV Sound ligature is for the saxophonist the key to musical freedom.

Color homogeneity in all registers,
Ease of sound emission and detached,
Lengthening the life of the reeds by its “Resurfacing” qualities,
Development unexampled of the qualities of expression and the possibilities of mode of play,
Customization by an important choice of model.
The JLV Sound ligature represents the excellence of artisanal and artistic know-how. "

Benjamin CHALAT  





















Benjamin Chalat is a French artist, saxophonist, music teacher, conductor, music composer and arranger. He is awarded by the National Diploma of Saxophone Teacher, a Master of Musicology in Creation, a Master of Aesthetics and Practice of Arts. 
He studied saxophone at the Regional Conservatory of Strasbourg with Christophe Fourmaux, Michaël Alizon and Philippe Geiss. Then he completed his training at the Departmental Conservatory of Roubaix with Joël Batteau (of the Jean-Yves Fourmeau Quartet) who he worked with and specialized in baritone saxophone. 
Through the experience as a music teacher in National Schools, Benjamin Chalat developed a teaching method based on group pedagogy and collective practice, and he founded the Regional Saxophone Orchestra of Hauts-de-France that he conducts ever since. 
Otherwise, he is sensitive to the transmission from musical heritage to new generations of students and musicians. He built a new repertoire of arrangements of classical, traditional and popular music while working on collaboration with the opera singer Bobae Kim, linking opera and saxophone. 
Artistic director of the general interest association ECHO, he is leader, musician and composer for different bands : the Echo Quartet, the Moon Trio (French and Korean music), and also the Moon Project (with Human Beatbox).  
Benjamin Chalat writes numerous shows for music schools and conservatories based on the dialogue between arts (direction, libretto, staging, choreography, computer graphics and videos, etc.). 
Furthermore, member of Rotary International, he also dedicates himself to philanthropic actions by organizing charity concerts for benefits of humanitarian and social issues. Besides, he invites and organizes concerts with French and international artists to masterclass and perform together. 
Benjamin Chalat is sponsored by YAMAHA, D’ADDARIO and participates in the development of ligature JLV Sound, 1st prize of the Lépine contest, of which he is the ambassador. 











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