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I have adopted the JLV gold ligature and I am really happy with all the expressive possibilities it offers! The tonal nuances it offers, the legato, and the control it provides really impressed me!

Diego Vergari (Friday 10 May 2024 18:07:50)

JLV ligature has enormously changed my performance quality.
With unrivaled sound and articulation.
It’s these little details that make all the difference! A richer, centered and more precise sound to obtain the desired sound, for all musical styles!.
Thank you very much JLV!

Elvis Sousa (Wednesday 24 April 2024 12:53:53)

The Gold-plated JLV alto saxophone ligature has been an invaluable asset to my artistic toolkit. The clarity and ease of play has been unparalleled since switching to the JLV ligature. I look forward to many more concerts with this ligature!

Wilson Poffenberger, DMA (Instructor of Saxophone at Valdosta St (Thursday 18 April 2024 21:26:13)

Gold-plated JLV ligatures create a warm, colorful sound. The saxophone playing is fluid. Playing low notes softly is effortless. There is more homogeneity in color from low notes to high notes. All the research and development at JLV ligatures has resulted in a fantastic product that is an asset to any saxophonist.

Ankie Mofers (Monday 01 April 2024 18:10:33)

The JLV ligature is unparalleled when it comes to taking care of my sound. It keeps my reed steadfast on my mouthpiece while simultaneously making sure that it vibrates and resonates without any loss of nuance or volume. It takes care of the entire palette of my sound ranging from the low Bb til stratospheric overtones. In addition to that, it is a true eyecandy.
I love it!!!
Petter Wettre

Petter Wettre (Tuesday 13 February 2024 20:18:27)

In my 53 years of playing saxophone, clarinet and flute, primarily as a classical player, I have tried many types of ligatures and other products that claim to improve sound, articulation, intonation, projection etc. Some products actually did change one of more aspects of my playing, some did not. I am happy to endorse JLV ligatures and phonic rings for delivering on their claims. I have been using the JLV gold-plated ligature on my soprano and the phonic ring on my baritone saxophone for some time now, and I have very recently acquired a gold-plated ligature and phonic ring for my alto. I immediately noticed a significant difference (that I like!) in the richness or fullness of my sound. The response in lower and upper registers is noticeably improved, and I like the flexibility the ligature allows in positioning it for a better response from the reed. The works equally well with my Vandoren traditional cane reeds and with my Legere reeds. JLV products are well engineered, meticulously manufactured, and aesthetically pleasing. They are expensive, but as in most things in life, you get what you pay for. I have no problem recommending JLV ligatures and phonic rings to anyone who is serious about improving their sound and performance.
James Pybus
Concert Saxophonist
Canadaian Saxophone Quintet
Toronto Saxophone Quartet

James Pybus (Saturday 16 December 2023 17:47:52)

I have now been using the JLV Phonic Rings for a few months and I love them! The Phonic Rings give my sound more core, body, resonance and projection. I would recommend everyone to try them out and experience the difference yourself.

Jules Baeten (solo clarinet Philzuid) (Tuesday 07 November 2023 20:56:08)

I wanted a new ligature for my soprano saxophone that would give me more freedom in controlling the reed. So I bought a JLV ligature and I was not disappointed, quite the contrary. The sensation of having a tube that resonates from end to end is new with this ligature. Plus, the freedom I wanted is there ! It's even an exhilarating feeling.
Mechanically, the ligature is very well thought out and keeps the reed flat. Well done and thank you to the designer !

Risbly (Thursday 26 October 2023 18:03:39)

This is the best ligature I have ever used. I use platinum ligature, it has great resonance, better penetration and I can find the colors I want more easily. JLV Ligature is fantastic.

WenCheng JIN (Tuesday 26 September 2023 22:11:32)

An extraordinary ligature ! I finally managed to find the perfect characteristics for a stable, homogeneous and harmonic-rich sound across the entire register. This allows me to control all the reeds as well as possible with great fluidity. Extraordinary ligature !

Chiara Maria Beatrice Cannavale (Saturday 09 September 2023 18:51:52)

One word: fantastic, the JLV ligature makes my sound more focused. The great technological innovation of this ligature makes it possible to shape the sound in all its forms. Greater sonic impact, better sound control, absolutely amazing !

Giuseppe Olivieri (Friday 18 August 2023 14:00:51)

PHE-NO-ME-NAL !!! I play a Bb Tradition clarinet from Buffet-Crampon with a Vandoren M30 mouthpiece fitted with a JLV ligature. I just added a phonic ring which I placed between the barrel and the upper body. Thanks to this, I made up for the sound loss: the sound is richer in harmonics, more homogeneous over the entire register of the instrument, the accuracy is improved as well as the emission.
JLV is truly the "Adolphe Sax of modern times" and a blessing to our corporation.

Pierre de Belgique (Tuesday 25 July 2023 19:52:38)

Owner of a FL ligature (François Louis) for Bb soprano clarinet, the acquisition of a bass clarinet was the opportunity to try the JLV ligature which had been recommended to me by a friend. I must admit that the advice was enlightened because I am perfectly satisfied with my purchase. The ligature is simple and easy to assemble and depending on the desired result, positioning it higher or lower on the reed effectively allows you to vary the sound. In addition, the aesthetics are there because the ligature is very beautiful in its golden finish with a sparkle of ruby on the tightening screw. The mouthpiece cover is in line with the ligature. Simple and easy to position on the mouthpiece, it perfectly covers and protects the hip and its two pointed ends allow it to be fixed on the ligature without it being able to move. Here too, aesthetics are essential with, in my case, a black finish which brings out the gold of the ligature. I can only recommend these 2 products which may seem a little expensive compared to others (and again!) but which are really worth it. In addition, the welcome (very friendly) and the advice (very wise) make this address even more attractive and deserves to be shared among musicians.

monsger (Monday 24 July 2023 16:50:19)

I have been playing with the JLV Ligature for some time and it has become an essential element in my set up ! The ease of emission, sound control, timbre and precision are some of the most notable points favored by the ligature. Also recently I have been using the Phonic Ring and the body and depth it brings to the sound is amazing.

Nicolas Castro (Wednesday 31 May 2023 14:08:57)

The sound difference with the phonic ring and the platinum JLV ligature is clear: easier emission, increased roundness, accuracy and richness as well as a notable power gain.
My friends asked me when they heard me and wanted to try the tone ring. They were left speechless and they quickly went to the JLV Sound site. Some have already bought the phonic ring.
I will continue to promote this little accessory as well as the JLV ligature which enchants me as soon as I play the saxophone. I have a new fuller sound and my playing is more flexible.

Thank you for your availability, your advice and the service rendered. Long live the sound !!!

Julien (Thursday 06 April 2023 20:35:55)

Hello Saxos friends. After a period of 6 months off at the sax level, for health problems, I put the cover back on with the new platinum ligature and the phonic ring on my Selmer Reference 54 tenor sax. I have been playing for about eight years.. After a few days of warming up, I discovered new sensations, richer in harmonics and much easier to perform... I must say, without exaggeration, that my new playing is almost a revelation, the sound is so door !!!!.
Thank you and Bravo Jean-Luc. I'm still a fan!! Very warmly. Daniel FROT

Sigmund (Monday 27 March 2023 20:14:12)

I have the gold-plated JLV ligature on my tenor mouthpiece as well as a phonic ring on my tenor saxophone and these two elements are now essential to me! It gives me ease in my broadcast and a fuller and wider sound 😊 . I can not do without it !

Amir Parker (Tuesday 28 February 2023 11:38:07)

I got to know JLV products by accident (I own a 24K gold ligature for soprano and alto sax, a 24K gold and platinum ligature for tenor sax and the phonic ring) and I was impressed by the harmonic range that has doubled, the quality of sound is fantastic.

Playing with these products gives a unique feel, ease of emission and flexibility. I advise everyone to use JLV SOUND products.

Francesco Barbaria (Monday 23 January 2023 20:02:27)

I have been playing the platinum and gold plated JLV for many years (November 2018 to be exact). I'm won over and it's a great pleasure to play with !

It gives an incredibly rich, precise sound and what about the palette of nuances...incredible ! I wouldn't change for anything in the world.

Briac (Friday 13 January 2023 16:34:41)

I have been using the JLV Ligature for a long time, which I would define as ingenious, and when I met the Bague Phonique I felt like trying it, the first one I had was the one with the Clarinet Baril and I was very satisfied to hear that it really worked.

Then recently I wanted the one for the Pavillon and also one for my tenor sax. The clarinet is truly fantastic, it has given more roundness and volume even in the low notes and other advantages exactly as stated in the advertisement.

The tenor sax has a full and voluminous sound , in short, everything they promise they keep. I don't know what principle they work with but they are really brilliant, in the future I will be careful what JLV Sound will propose because they will certainly be excellent innovations.

Thanks also for the seriousness and kindness with which you treat your customers. Thanks Nedo CARLI ITALY (Tuesday 10 January 2023 09:24:06)

I have just installed the phonic ring on my Selmer reference 54 tenor sax equipped with a Dave Guardala mouthpiece and JLV ligature 2 and a half red Vandoren JAVA reeds. instantly, much easier emission and a much smoother sound thank you.
Jean-Michel Bidault

Jean MI (Monday 19 December 2022 16:48:30)

I received the phonic ring yesterday, it is really fantastic, more direct and easier emission, richer bass note of harmonics. It is surprising that such a thin ring has this property ! (Wednesday 23 November 2022 08:59:09)

I have been equipped for 4 years, on my soprano mouthpiece Dave Guardala Brandford Marsalis and on my tenor mouthpiece Dave Guardala super king, the quality of the sound and the attack have been totally improved. Reeds last longer. Truly the best ligature on the market.
thank you jlv.
Jean-Michel Bidault

jean michel bidault (Thursday 03 November 2022 12:11:08)

I acquired the JLV phonic ring and the contribution is really significant! More direct emission, increased vibration… I have had my students try it out for a week and for the most part it is an undeniable qualitative gain!

Tony Bigot (Wednesday 21 September 2022 13:37:55)

I have been playing with the JLV ligatures for more than 2 years and it has been such a change in my performance.

I really like the freedom this ligatures gives me to achieve the different sounds or styles I want to pursue. At the end of the day, having a material which helps you gives you peace and confidence to focus on practicing and playing, and JLV definitely achieves it.

Martin Castro (Friday 09 September 2022 15:54:00)

JLV ligature is a crucial element that immediately intensifies the saxophone’s sound projection and homogeneity through all registers while still keeping clarity and flexibility within the sound.

Bravo and thank you JLV !

L. Meden (Thursday 25 August 2022 23:59:44)

I am firm believer in JLV Sound innovations. I am now using their ligatures on all of my single reed instruments. On my saxophones, I use a weighted thumb or neck screw. From the first time I tried it, the sound was amazing. Full balance, open harmonics and clear intonation, so when JLV introduced the Phonic ring, I was hoping for the same results. I was not disappointed. Even though the sound differences were more subtle, I enjoyed similar results on the Clarinet and Bass Clarinet. The sound was better balanced from top to bottom. It opened up the harmonics to fill out my tone. There was enough of a change that the clarinetist that I sit next to in one of the ensembles I perform with asked me what I changed. He said my sound was deeper and richer. I felt the same results on the Bass Clarinet especially in the middle tones. Small investment with great results.

Gary P. (Thursday 18 August 2022 20:17:58)

I usually don't believe in the effect of sound bridges.

However, after hearing Jean's description of the Phonic ring, I ordered it and it arrived today for me. The first impression when I opened the box was like a jewel. It can be attached under the mouthpiece or under the barrel.

It was a very small and thin ring, but a big improvement.

In fact, there has been a huge improvement in the responsiveness and density of the sound. I couldn't believe it and tried it with my students and they all reacted the same to it.

I want my fellow clarinetists to experience this by all means! Once again, kudos to the Jlv team for creating such a wonderful piece of work.

Kim daegyun (Tuesday 26 July 2022 14:43:49)

Beginner, I have been using the platinum ligature for tenor sax for a few days. A crazy change, a nice sound on the registers that I play at my level. No more difficulty going from treble to bass. I had been despairing for some time but now I'm having a blast. And I can suddenly concentrate on the rhythm of my other challenge. It's a real help for the beginner that I am, I'm 55 years old and I don't really want to struggle when there are solutions like this that save time on learning and get a better result! I am totally a fan! thank you

Chris56 (Saturday 09 July 2022 00:08:23)

I discovered the JLV ligature a few years ago, and from the first breath, I felt the difference. So I only have that.
Recently, having forgotten it, I used a good ligature from another brand, and found out what I was missing. so I will never forget it again !!!
It's an investment, but well worth it !

Marco SAx (Monday 27 June 2022 19:50:30)

My JLV Ligature platinum and gold gives me incredible playing comfort ! The roundness of the sound and the ease of transmission in all registers offers a musical experience that I will never be able to separate myself from !
Thanks JLV !

Elina Wanecq (Saturday 21 May 2022 17:06:28)

These JLV Platinum Plated ligatures are quite a discovery and an excellent investment. They are genuinely the sonic keystone for my instruments - tenor sax and soprano sax. They enrich the harmonics in all registers, help reeds vibrate freely, improve articulation and tuning, and clarify the sound. They also clamp reeds perfectly to the mouthpiece. I am extremely satisfied with the results and how they help me achieve the sound I want. Great product ! Thank you, JLV !

Andrii Liesnyi (Saturday 14 May 2022 02:16:42)

Amateur saxophonist, I acquired a Gold-Platinum ligature ago a few weeks for my tenor sax, ebonite mouthpiece.
All my opinion can be summed up in one word : MORE.
MORE richness and amplitude of sound,
MORE comfort, ease and pleasure of games,
MORE expressiveness,
MORE consistency between registers and balance across the range.
And even MORE, which I continue to discover.
A LESS, all the same: playing his old ligatures after the JLV, becomes difficult.
Thank you Jean-Luc for this beautiful invention.

Vincent (Sunday 10 April 2022 13:55:02)

It's a real pleasure to use this ligature (for me it's platinum and gold plated).
It gives me confidence thanks to the ease and accuracy of issuing notes for the bass and especially for the highest notes which sometimes tended to whistle with my old ligature.
In addition the sound is very beautiful with lots of harmonics.
So I really enjoy myself and I tire my lips less which makes me want to play longer.
I was also able to test the quality of the commercial service : its attentiveness, its speed of response, its commitment to satisfying each JLV user musician with the constant concern to improve the performance of the product !
In short, super positive !

Cat (Saturday 09 April 2022 15:00:35)

Finally the ligature that every saxophonist is looking for! This incredible ligature, the result of tireless research, makes the sound homogeneous on all registers, an unparalleled legate between sounds and above all the spontaneity in the emission. What else to say, simply JLV!

Isacco Buccoliero (Wednesday 09 March 2022 16:11:49)

After playing the JLV black ligature on the alto for 2 years, I decided to renew this with the baritone platinum. The projection of the sound is without common measure in comparison with any other ligature. The fact of being able to place it higher or lower on the reed makes it possible to play on the balance amplitude/ease of emission, and thus to adapt to all the reeds and all the desires. The sound is more defined, richer in harmonics and incredibly pure, making it an ideal ligature for the baritone saxophone.


Here is an excerpt :

Léo (Tuesday 25 January 2022 10:45:53)

I recently acquired the “platinum” ligature after having used the “black” ligature for a long time for the viola. Both are good and make playing easier in general, but the turntable seems to me to provide a richer sound and more possibilities in working with the sound of the instrument.

Bergou62 (Friday 07 January 2022 18:58:44)

Very good investment, sound emission without problem, sound control and no saturation even in the fortés ! Thanks to Jean-Luc for his explanations.

Bruno BISSUEL (Sunday 19 December 2021 18:33:46)

I do love this ligature, i love how flexible it is, indeed the best ligature i have had, this one helped me to have a more controlled sound and warmer too, the best one, no doubt, and it looks really really beautiful with the saxophone

Jacobo pugliese (Wednesday 01 December 2021 22:41:07)

What a difference ! The sound comes out on its own, the reed is well maintained, I can't play without it anymore! Thank you JLV!

AMIR Parker (Monday 20 September 2021 08:59:12)

To me, JLV ligature seems to make reed selection easier. When you get your JLV ligature, spend some energy researching it. This will help you.
Thank you JLV.
Well done, JLV.

woody (Tuesday 14 September 2021 01:11:12)

I play the JLV platinum-gold ligature and the gold ligature because it gives me more flexibility in sound in all registers. Especially the articulation in the upper register works much better with the JLV ligatures.

Adam (Friday 27 August 2021 18:52:01)

Great ligature for my Tenor!! Great product!!!
Easy to install, easy to issue!!!
Homogeneity of registers!!!

Antoine (Tuesday 03 August 2021 15:22:59)

I just bought the ligature for the soprano, I will not look for anything else, I have found !
I have that of the tenor, now soprano, there is only the viola left :-)
Thank you for this remarkable invention which changes our lives...

Thierry86 (Tuesday 15 June 2021 16:39:30)

With the JLV ligatures the response of my reeds is much faster and natural while preserving a rich and pure sound. The different positions of the ligature allow me to always find the sound that I am looking for. I definitely recommend them.

F. Gorrea (Friday 14 May 2021 15:15:51)

Out of all the ligatures I have played, JLV Sound Ligature has to be the one that caught my attention. This ligature gives me great ease as well as good flexibility on the sound emission. Furthermore, it allows to freely produce a rich palette of different sound colours. Thanks to JLV Sound Ligature, stories can be told with more clarity and precision in my music.

Hy-Huu (Tuesday 27 April 2021 17:46:24)

Excellent ligature ! Allows to obtain precision and richness of the sound. I recommend everyone to try it !

Alessandro (Thursday 15 April 2021 19:44:24)

Very happy with the acquisition of my JLV ligature since February 25, 2021 on the advice of my teacher. Still a student on the tenor sax, my life has changed: a sound that I like a lot, an ease in the show, a precision that I had never known before. Working on a daily basis has become a pleasure.

Pascal (Monday 29 March 2021 16:15:19)

User for a few months of a JLV ligature on my Tenor saxophone mouthpiece, I can say that I am delighted. I absolutely do not regret my purchase ! I will probably buy one for my soprano !!

thierry86 (Thursday 25 March 2021 20:21:43)

Very happy with the ligature bought last November for my Bb clarinet, I just bought one for my Yamaha YCL 221 II study bass clarinet. Very satisfied, sound quality, ease of emission, and improvement of the passage to the treble. I really appreciated the commercial service of JLV sound. Thank you

Jean (Saturday 20 March 2021 17:18:33)

Not only are they very beautiful, the service is impeccable but I also love the sound. Thank you again for the Christmas gift jewelry

Alain (Wednesday 06 January 2021 16:03:01)

I am really satisfied with Jean-Luc's JLV ligature. It allows me to explore the harmonic richness of my Selmer alto sax, and offers great playing possibilities.

Philippe (Friday 01 January 2021 14:53:27)

The very first time I tried the JLV ligature, I was amazed at the range of colors you can get. This ligature offers new sonic possibilities, it has an exceptional purity, and in a surprising way "opens" the sound. It gives complete freedom in the game.

Kacper Puczko (Sunday 20 December 2020 16:43:46)

I adopted this ligature (platinum and gold) 6 months ago on my alto sax, with a replica of a Meyer Bros 5M New York USA mouthpiece, and I appreciate the widening of the sound palette day by day. and the harmonic exploration that it allows : more depth, homogeneity on the range, easier in the high-pitched, one plays on the air with confidence and each reed can be exploited rather finely thanks to the always possible repositioning of the ligature. It really is a tool that helps in personalizing sound. Bravo Jean-Luc ! Guy Robert

jazzyguy (Sunday 13 December 2020 22:50:37)

Saxophonist, getting older, I was starting to lose my sound. This new ligature changed my life, beautiful sound found, ease of emission in the bass and treble, made easier by moving the ligature a little to modify the sound, that happiness. This ligature has given me a boost in this COVID period when the orchestras are at a standstill.

Marceau-Gabriel (Wednesday 02 December 2020 18:38:23)

Quite impressed with JLV Ligatures. I found an advertisement on Facebook and ordered one to try I am now using them on my Alto, Tenor and Bari. It is a Great ligature for the Otto Link Metal. Biggest surprise, however, is how it opened up my Bass Clarinet. I ordered a ligature for my Bari and it was too big, so I tried it on my Vandoren B50 Bass Clarinet mouthpiece. Great find. My only suggestion is that the pricing should include the mouthpiece cover. Can not have one without the other.

Gary P (Monday 23 November 2020 22:43:45)

Passionate about classical music, I started playing the clarinet 16 years ago when I retired from the national education system. I work regularly, the clarinet sib and also the bass. I heard about this ligature during its presentation at the Lépine competition. I have only just acquired it, and I tested it for a fortnight. I absolutely do not regret my purchase, the timbre is clearly different from that obtained with traditional ligatures (without citing brands ...) The reed is well positioned and the rest even if we do not tighten the ligature too much.

Jean (Wednesday 11 November 2020 12:53:11)

JLV Ligatures have been a great discovery for me. The JLV ligatures produce a round and wide sound, which in turn possesses a great richness of harmonics, which makes it easy to emit and balance in all the registers of my Low Clarinets, Alto Clarinet, Basset Horn, Bass Clarinet and Contrabass Clarinet.

Daniel (Monday 26 October 2020 11:31:16)

I discovered "JLV Ligature" through a friend who was in Portugal and brought a copy to Brazil. He left "JLV" with me so I could try it out. I was impressed with the ease of controlling the timbre and delivering notes across the length of the clarinet. Congratulations!

Jonatas Zacarias (Thursday 15 October 2020 22:29:07)

I discovered your ligatures at the international meetings in Ostend 2018. The day before yesterday I tried four models for bass clarinet, and my choice was fixed on the gold-plated finish. I have had time to test it all this morning and I am beginning to see more ease and precision in both the attacks and the sound emission. I will probably have to switch to slightly stronger reeds. A purchase that I do not regret ! Thank you Marc (Borée ensemble)

Marc (Thursday 10 September 2020 12:12:02)

Discovery of the jlv ligature at the Haye les Roses international saxophone competition. Since then we have offered platinum and gold for alto to our son Lan and he has offered himself brass for his tenor with his pocket money. In short, he is delighted. Thank you Jean Luc.

Jérôme (Tuesday 09 June 2020 13:06:06)

I have been using Jean Luc Vignaud's ligature with my soprano for over a year. I also bought this ligature for my tenor and the sounds I got were fabulous while having an ease of emission that I had not experienced before. Unfortunately maybe she was envious because I had been robbed. So I reorder, in addition to the warm welcome and advice from Cyprien, the delivery was quick despite the covid19 crisis. I found all the sensations brought by this ligature, deep bass very clear treble and unequaled power on my tenor CONN 10M. I practice my instrument more than two hours a day and I have found all the pleasure of playing, the reeds also last longer, playing on the displacement of the ligature when they run out. I'm using the silver plated ligatures. Musically Jean-Marie 05/16/2020

Jean-Marie (Saturday 16 May 2020 16:05:37)

During your visit to the Maison du piano (Paolin), in Périgueux, I tried your JLV ligature for a long time ! I had the opportunity to observe the influence of the materials making up the ligature. So I opted for the one containing platinum ! I appreciate its use, professionally, very frequently, both in variety music and in jazz ... A powerful sound enriched with harmonics, moreover, great ease in the emission of the bass from my tenor saxophone, Selmer, reference 54 ! Thanks and well done

Magic sax (Friday 03 April 2020 16:05:29)

Jean Luc Vignaud is a visionary and passionate artist, the result is a ligature which is a real exceptional object. Thank you and long live JLV Sound ! (Thursday 02 April 2020 09:33:02)

Jlv ligatures are extraordinary. A family welcome with a lot of availability and professionalism. I have been playing the alto sax for 8 months. I play an hour a day and I was looking forward to having fun with a satisfying sound. The change in ligature was a revolution in the quality of my sound as well as the ease of emission. No more bad pressure problems that make us believe that our reed is screwed up (or that we're just starting out ... and that we should be satisfied with it ...). It is not necessary to crush the reed on the table to have the necessary tightness. The reed therefore vibrates with the minimum of constraint without unpleasant buzzing which disconcerts the novice. With a touch of air I manage to play pianissimo in all tones. It is important I think to have a satisfactory sound when you start. I am now allowed to play my scales in the family room! I had the opportunity to try the silver ligature and the platinum. I finally had to go over the price difference to choose the platinum plated in the unanimous opinion of my children : More heat, more woody (blind test). The silver plated is still very very good too ... I appreciate the latter clarity and very centered, very pure sound. It is also very aesthetic for those who like the sobriety of money. The JLV ligature is also a very beautiful jewel. Notify me if you make a platinum plated screw with emerald shine.

Luc (Saturday 07 March 2020 12:45:32)

I am very satisfied with the acquisition of the JLV ligature for alto saxophone. The emission is much easier, the sound warmer and it is true that the reeds make more profit. Bravo for this superb invention. Musically

Jean Claude (Saturday 22 February 2020 11:30:01)

I am very satisfied with the ligature. The saxophone sound is clearer in more precise staccato. The ligature is very well finished and adds value to the instrument both musically and aesthetically. Also very good service!

Saskia Robinne (Wednesday 08 January 2020 22:19:39)

Just amazing ! Since I have my JLV ligature the game has become easy all the sounds come out without any difficulty I am Bluffing ! Congratulations ! And long live JLV ligatures !

Amir Al Parker (Tuesday 24 December 2019 11:45:26)

I was playing with the Winslow ligature copies for years but after trying this ligature the reed felt more free the simplicity of it is what catches my eye definitely a good investment

Gerson (Thursday 24 October 2019 03:42:24)

Let me introduce myself, my name is Pascal, I am an amateur saxophonist, in the North of France. I bought the Gold Ligature for Tenor and immediately my playing became easier, the low notes including the Bb come out on their own without having to play with the embouchure. In addition I had the opportunity to test the Platinum ligature which gives the same result in terms of ease of play, but my choice fell on the Gold for the warmth of its sound which better suits the style of music. (Classic jazz) that I like. My sax is a Selmer Reference 54 and my mouthpiece is an Otto Link Metal No. 5, Vandooren Java Red reeds no. 3. I am very happy with this set of sax, mouthpiece, JLV Gold ligature, reeds. Thanks to JLV for allowing me these tests. Plus they are very nice at Tel. and very attentive to customers. Congratulations to all. Pascal

Pascal59 (Saturday 15 June 2019 06:53:02)

I have just acquired the gold-plated ligature, for metal mouthpiece (berg larsen opening 110) which I usually play with Vandoren 2.5 or 3 reeds, for tenor sax. I had the honor and the chance to do my tests directly in front of Mr. Vignaud who made himself entirely available to me and I was thus able to test the entire range of different materials. I am amazed by the ease in emitting sound that this ligature provides both in the bass and in the treble. I will definitely have the opportunity to write a review again in some time after intensive use. What is already certain is that I definitely adopt it. Thanks for this beautiful discovery.

GIVETOGOD (Thursday 13 June 2019 17:18:25)

Good morning, The silver ligature was given to me by Jean-Luc VIGNAUD during the 2019 Reed Festival. The sound emission is easier and I have just passed my Clarinet Musical Study Certificate with very good honors with this ligature. Thanks to Mr. VIGNAUD, Yakiv SUZZARINI

Yakiv (Sunday 09 June 2019 12:07:58)

For a year and a half I have been looking at the comments and reviews on the JLV ligature and I wanted to try it but it is not available in Quebec. As I am going to France this summer with a harmony, it was the perfect opportunity to try them and purchase them, but after looking at the places where these ligatures are for sale, the project turned out to be too complicated. So I decided to try my luck by writing an email to JLV specifying that the kind of sound I was looking for, the mouthpieces and the reeds used, but not easy when you can't try. I received a response telling me that for me the ideal ligature was the “Concertist”. I even had a telephone interview with Mr. J. L. Vignaud who immediately put me at ease with his reassuring words and I immediately placed my order. I purchased two "Concertist" ligatures, one for soprano sax and one for alto sax which I received by mail. My two saxos are two Custom EX silvers and after five days of testing, it's WOW and WOW! For the soprano, it's day and night compared to my old Vandorem Optimum. I have the sound I was looking for: the treble is super easy with a consistent sound and the bass is easy to control even for "piano" sounds. For the viola the difference was less obvious at first, due to the fact that I played with a Silverstein ligature which met my sonic expectations. But after five days of playing with the JLV, I am won over: rounder and more consistent sound, more projection and control in the nuances, and the harmonics are superb. For both saxes, the sound emission is easy and the sound is incredibly beautiful and captivating. Here are my humble comments in the hope that they will be useful and inspiring for other saxophonists who are hesitant to take the "leap". Musically, Harold Desgagné, 🎷🎼🎶🎵.

Le_Saxon (Friday 12 April 2019 22:49:33)

I first tried the gold ligature for the baritone. Ordered somewhat at random. From the first notes, I felt the ease of playing. The bass is much easier, warm, a delight. I am a saxophone teacher in Charente Maritime, so I ordered a batch of alto ligatures to test with the students. Tests carried out blindly, with a blindfold. The students are not wrong... I had them try the Black edition which seems to me to be a good price/benefit compromise. Personally, I took the turntable for the viola after hesitating with the gold. I'm thinking of equipping all my saxophones, from baritone to soprano. We are very far from the gadget, thank you for this remarkable technological advance! (Friday 22 March 2019 09:34:44)

What a pleasure to discover the ease of emission, the incredible richness of the sounds which now come out of my high-pitched harmonics...only happiness...I left my old ligatures as a gift at the store...thank you for all your advice (I tested the basic version and chose the even better platinum version..)

TGS (Sunday 10 March 2019 23:20:43)

JLV ligature makes feel everything is so easy to play. It provides more possibility for me to control my sound. Customer service is wonderful, I have accidentally lost one of the nut on my Alto jlv and the company is willing to offer me replacement with no shipping cost. Very quick response to emails, too. I have been enjoying this ligature on both of my alto and soprano saxophone. (Monday 28 January 2019 21:03:33)

2018 was a special year for me: change of instrument, mouthpiece and ligature. A nice challenge after more than 40 years spent on Buffet-Crampon RC and Vandoren 5RV! Since February, it's Buffet-Crampon Divine, Vandoren BD5 and of course JLV Black Edition ligature. A real treat, I can play reeds of strength 4.5 to 5 without problem. And what a magnificent sound, what ease. A big thank you for this wonderful ligature, long life to JLV.

Jacques de Suisse (Friday 25 January 2019 18:02:33)

I have equipped my Bb clarinet, my bass clarinet, my alto sax and my baritone.... I am waiting for a promotion for the tenor!!!! Otherwise, what a pleasure this ligature is, the reeds respond better, the playing is more "full", in short, pure happiness

Christian de Thouars (Monday 22 October 2018 23:05:44)

I bought my gold-plated JLV ligature for my Selmer Mark VI tenor in February 2015 according to Musicora from Jean Luc himself, and I used it for several hundred hours and for hundreds of performances without ever returning to the ligatures that I used before. Won over from the first moment, I appreciated all its qualities and the incredible ease of play and the quality of sound that it allows to obtain in all circumstances and converted a few saxophonist friends in the process. After four years of continuous good and loyal service, I had a problem with one of the claws of the plate which holds the reed. I called JLV. Their after-sales service and guarantee are simply exceptional: they sent me a new ligature as a standard exchange the same day and I returned the old one. The price for a ligature may seem high, but such quality and service are well worth the price. Thank you to the entire JLV team, you deserve the trust and success of all saxophonists.

Alain (Friday 12 October 2018 16:48:32)

I am more than won over by my new jlv ligature which offers unparalleled playing comfort until now We must also underline the professionalism of the entire jlv team who always provide good advice and formidable efficiency... Thank you very much to the entire jlv team for supporting me in my purchase

David de Perpignan (Thursday 12 July 2018 14:37:46)

Magnificent and effective ligature for alto saxophone

coco (Friday 15 June 2018 08:09:15)

I am won over by this ligature. The game becomes easier with increased possibilities of colors and shades.... the homogeneity between the registers is total and I also have the feeling that the high register is easier to emit and more in tune in terms of accuracy. The tone of the instrument is both rounder and brighter. here are my new sensations after a week of this new ligature tested in the orchestra.

Véro (Monday 11 June 2018 14:03:34)

Your ligatures are great…. the sound was obvious but the savings on reeds are quite impressive, I don't know when I bought my last box of reeds.

Aiphelle (Monday 21 May 2018 10:56:20)

Indeed, on the advice of Stéphane Tranchant (Artisan des Vents in Avignon), I tried this ligature and was won over by the ease of emitting sounds, outputting super-treble & harmonics.

Jean BOSSOT (Wednesday 11 April 2018 11:09:59)

I received the platinum ligature as a gift and although a beginner in tenor sax, I was really pleasantly surprised by the greater ease of sound emission and especially the quality, I who am still very novice... I I'm absolutely delighted! In addition, JLV showed patience and listened to my hesitations, which is very pleasant. I am therefore very motivated and encouraged in learning the sax,.... at 76 years old! Pierre Delsanti

Pierre de Corse (Friday 30 March 2018 19:00:46)

Received my platinum plated clarinet ligature 3 days ago, and am amazed at the positive difference, even with the most expensive American, Japanese and French competing ligatures that are on the ligature market .The sound emission is crisper,much less " junk"except with the really fuzzy reeds in the sound, with more low and high overtones,depht and zing combined , reeds are easier to find, even the not great ones get better and on top of this the ligature is a beautiful looking object. Definitely cannot go back to my other ligatures, a real breakthroug . Cogratulations Monsieur Vigneaud !!, you have made a better world for us musicians.

Martin (Saturday 03 March 2018 06:04:17)

Jean-Luc Vignaud solved it! These ligatures are so potent that it will change the industry. Maybe it takes a while for people to realize it, but it isn’t just a ligature - it is a new part of the instrument. I can’t begin explaining everything here right now, but I will. What I can say is that professional saxophonists should buy all the versions. Why? Because they are the perfect tools no matter how you choose to see it. Here are three things I love about Jean-Luc’s piece of art: Let’s say you don’t have control over your resistance. You say you are «happy» with your present set-up that gives you the amount of resistance you need to get your sound. Well, then you use and set up the JLV-lig that gives you that, but you practice with one that makes you develop control over your throat and air-speed over your tongue. This is the practice-tool part. Another thing I find very interesting and gives me the feeling of control is to fight against the characteristics of the specific metal used. Try to make the Concertistnsound flat and dull with my playing, or make the Black Edition sing rich with harmonic overtones and play dynamic and not respond compressed and tight, like it naturally wants to (for most players). The last thing(s) I take the time to mention is the natural and wonderful thing that is that it can be used just as it is. In a solo-situation - or when a young student tries to play a piece that demands a rich spectrum of harmonic overtones - use the Platinum Plated ring. Or when playing with a church-organ that is beeing registrated with the floating choir-pipes that collides and makes interference with the saxophone’s natural and strong overtones, switch to the Black Edition, and be a little lazy just for one day. What I am trying to say is that with all this in your mind, you learn how to manipulate every little sound created in your mind that goes through the instrument. And finally, the scary part... It makes the brand of the horn, mouthpiece and reed feel like it almost doesn’t matter... which is the truth anyway... So, to my friends at JLV-Sound - and to the people that read this (if anyone does): I recommend this product - it is a piece of art. And it is for everyone!

The Polymath (Monday 29 January 2018 08:32:59)

I bought a ligature for my alto saxophone, I play more of a classical repertoire. Even if the ligature is not everything in the saxophonist's work, the JLV ligature nevertheless revolutionizes the show, the difference is there so you might as well take advantage of it. And the reeds wear out less quickly... which is appreciable and reduces the cost of the ligature.

filou (Sunday 28 January 2018 09:44:01)

I have been using the JLV ligature on my alto saxophone for a week. What happiness! I think my baritone saxophone will get it too soon.

Jean-Michel WEBER (Thursday 25 January 2018 18:23:12)

New purchase... A JLV gold ligature for my clarinet... I pick up my clarinet that has been in its box for too long... the ligature is simply remarkable. And I take this opportunity to give news of my platinum ligature for my Selmer tenor sax Reference 54... WHAT HAPPINESS!!!!!... I can play for 2 hours straight without getting tired and with a WOWHHH *** expression!!! THANK YOU JEAN LUC... *** I am not a professional, but a “hard-working” amateur!!

Sigmund (Friday 12 January 2018 19:55:06)

What a great Christmas present I discovered with this ligature an ease of play and a good sound I talk about it without moderation around me I would also like to point out the kindness and reserved welcome THANK YOU

martine (Wednesday 10 January 2018 11:02:14)

My daughter made me try her JLV ligature. I was immediately won over by the ease of articulation and the possibilities of expressions and nuances. I am a teacher in a small village harmony, and I hope to be able to emulate.

François (Friday 08 December 2017 14:58:07)

With this ligature, a sound brighter freer, wider and soft, jazz variations coming even more from the inside a clear evolution for 30 years of clarinet. Thank you !!!! Louis.

Louis (Sunday 05 November 2017 19:50:56)

I tested in store the JLV ligature alto, adopted immediately. On the advice of the seller, I also bought the one for bb clarinet, with offer of recovery if I was not satisfied. My wife took it when arrived. So I was forced to recommend one online !!!! Easier sound emission, better homogeneity of the sound ... My choice was on the gold-plated model.

christian de Thouars (Friday 12 May 2017 09:38:17)

Hello I am sax tenor amateur but passionate. Having had problems with ordinary ligatures (air leaks) I was looking for the solution to this problem, and when I tried the JLV ligature, everything changed to include the treble ones much easier to play. I had the chance to meet Jean-Luc VIGNAUD, he is an exciting and passionate man by his work. I thank him again for his advice. Friendly friends musicians.

jjp (Sunday 23 April 2017 08:54:36)

Friends Saxophonists and Clarinettists, Hello, I leave a new message, after a week of play with the new platinum ligature ... Tenor Saxo. I played with the gold ligature for 10 months ... And here I must say that I am still bluffed ... I gain at least 20% in heat, color, scope of play ... Everything "glides" better and Takes a bigger relief !!! ... MORE EASY AND MORE MUSIC !! ... This is the message that I want to communicate to my "colleagues" ... And THANKS THANK YOU JEAN LUC ... Bien Amicalement. Daniel Sigmund

Sigmund (Sunday 16 April 2017 20:34:43)

I bought two ligatures J.L.V. For alto saxophone, one for ebonite mouthpiece, the other for a "bayle" metal mouthpiece suitable for measurement by JLV itself. What a quality service "French", remarkable simplicity, kindness, listening, customer follow-up, professionalism. It was so long ago that I had not met such people as I no longer believed in their existence! The material gives a comfort of play between the bass and treble through the mediums with softness and assured a sound round and full. The pinching forces are limited if desired by setting 1/8 turn, so you can play longer without feeling the fatigue of the maxillofacial mask. This ligature is purely awesome, it goes far beyond what is done on the market in terms of improving the comfort of the saxophonist .... and I am only a modest amateur of sixty years. This ligature made playable a metal mouth Otto Link large opening with a new 3 1/2 reed is to say ..... and have a bright jazz sound! I recommended JLV around me in music training, especially to help young instrumentalists get pleasure earlier without having sick to lips or maxilla. Congratulations to the designer for technology, hospitality, commercial follow-up .... and his wife for contact after purchase to ensure the commissioning of the warranty. JLV is a French pride. Michel Paris (Wednesday 29 March 2017 09:27:43)

Hello everyone, I already left a message on July 19, but I have to leave another one. At the time I was using a JLV gold plated ligature for a soprano sax and I thought I had achieved a good level of truth of sound compared to other brands of ligature. What a mistake !!! Because since then I have received the new platinum version, and there the gain in musicality is further increased by 50% (apparently) compared to the 24 carat version, which I thought would be difficult. I'm getting closer and closer to the REAL sound of the mouthpiece. Extra harmonics, silky bass, the entire spectrum is improved. Not to mention the even easier issuance and the gain in volume. And this on all mouthpiece models tested (ebony or ebonite). Obviously it's the most expensive in the range but it's definitely worth it. The question now arises: how far will JLV go? Again all my thanks to the inventor. In the meantime, I'm giving them as much publicity as possible nationally and internationally in the forums and when I interact with saxophonists abroad. Long live French genius! Bruno de Saintes (17) (Sunday 12 March 2017 19:31:01)

The ligature is terrible! Really, thank you Jean-Luc! I've been playing for over twenty years and I've never found anything better. And for the marching band, it facilitates the emission of sound, for endurance. I give it 20 out of 20! While waiting for new performances, let's stay in touch... Rock

pierresax (Saturday 04 February 2017 21:17:28)

After a first version that I found quite difficult to set up, the improvements made (skids and fixing the base) to the current model change everything. The ligature is very well made, very functional, the finish is really very beautiful, and most importantly: the sound it provides is perfect, it never leaves my mouthpiece! I would also like to commend the quality of the customer service which is excellent, it is not so common these days to have such effective telephone contact and response. Well done !

Nobody Else (Wednesday 09 November 2016 19:05:55)

The JLV Ligatutre has impressed me in every way, sound, flexibility, versatility and great design aesthetics. Really a pleasure to play with this magnificent ligature and be one of the ambassadors for JLV Ligatures. Thanks to Mr. Jean Luc Vignaud.

Nardy Castellini (Tuesday 18 October 2016 14:42:18)

Thanks to Jean Luc, Cyprien, well done the JLV team for the quality of services. I have completely changed my training habits since I owned these JLV Soprano and Alto ligatures, my hours of practice are pure pleasure... Of my entire ligature collection, the JLV is from my point of view the best. See you soon for a tenor ligature 🎷🎶 Jean Noël 🌴

Dën (Friday 30 September 2016 18:35:26)

It is immediately evident that the JLV ligature is superior in design ,appearance and complete reed tonal and timbre production.It has been a lengthy process to undo the restrictions from other ligatures. JLV is my solution. JLV my choice ligature for tenor sax and all saxes. Playing this JLV ligature gives the feeling of sitting outside a nice cafe in Paris enjoying a robust French cabernet while gazing into the beautiful eyes of a French woman. It is that good. 😎🎷 Ron Moton

Moton (Saturday 17 September 2016 07:06:21)

An unconditional fan from the start, I have been even more so since I received the adjustable studs. Thank you again for your responsiveness, kindness and speed. Gilles Golfe Juan

Gibsax (Wednesday 14 September 2016 19:14:06)

Received yesterday morning, immediately assembled and tried... How can I put it, it's absolutely stunning.... Sound, projection, flexibility, attack of bass and high notes without forcing!!! Coupled with my Drake, it's fire!!! This is THE world champion ligature. Thanks to Jean-Luc Vignaud for what we can call a work. At first the price put me off a little, but now I'm going to order one for my soprano, that's to say... No regrets and highly recommended.
And also thank you to Jean-Luc for his valuable advice, his kindness and his availability.

Lucky11 (Wednesday 24 August 2016 11:48:21)

Received this morning the ligature for bass clarinet.....
So there.... as the popular saying goes "I stayed on the C...."
For me who only plays it occasionally and who therefore has difficulty (bass players know the problem well) to obtain a beautiful octave G without laboriously modifying the height of the soft palate; the surprise was total: no more problems. Goodbye the difficulty of transmission, goodbye the slightly veiled sound from the octave G and in all registers a full sound with lots of harmonics and the ++ timbre specific to the bass ...
I find it difficult to understand why the major ligature manufacturers have never really taken the time to study the various implications that enable a ligature to produce a purer sound, more harmonically rich and easier to play. get. This is not the place to list all the ligatures that do not match the JLV and yet I have plenty of them (at the high end...when you are passionate...we try even if that cost!!!)
Jean Luc did this ligature (which will be very hard to undo) and I say to him once again Hats off!!!
Patrice du Gers, clarinets and saxs as a passionate amateur

pat 32 (Friday 12 August 2016 14:11:01)

I have received the 2 new ligatures for alto and soprano sax
As extraordinary as those for clarinet: ease of emission, breadth of sound, enriched timbre, ease of installation, everything is there,! It seems that the small adjustable studs on the ring have solved the problems (in particular of installation) present on the first ligatures.
At the time, I abandoned ligation because of these inconveniences...
Now, I am an unconditional fan: congratulations to Jean-luc for this invention which revolutionizes the practice of instruments with single reeds on a mouthpiece!!! and also for his responsible approach which took into account the remarks induced by his first version of the ligature!
I will work to advertise you!!! And I didn't say anything about the communication with JLV sound which is great!!!
Patrice du Gers (amateur clarinets and saxs)

Pat 32 (Wednesday 03 August 2016 14:28:28)

Hello everyone,
I am an amateur tenor sax player, but passionate and relentless... Since my retirement as a doctor, two years ago, I started the sax and I play one to two hours a day... I am always looking for which can improve my game... New mouthpieces and new ligatures on my Yanagisawa... I discovered the JLV ligature by chance, and the concept appealed to me from the start... I love making, building, create... And there, in addition to the design, the result... IT'S A BOMB!!! ... Only Happiness... The sounds are more fluid, easier, more brilliant... I always had a little trouble with the SI Bass at the attack, and now, it almost comes by itself!! !! YEAH !!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!. THIS LIGATURE IS EXCEPTIONAL and it is worth its price... And for the icing on the cake, I met Jean Luc VIGNAUD, and he is a completely PASSIONATE Musician and Creator... A Man we are Happy with to know... In short, that's all. Good Music to All. Well Saxopnonically Your... Daniel FROT

Sigmund (Friday 22 July 2016 08:28:44)

Hello everyone, I'm a fan of good sound, very good sound. Multi-instrumentalist I love hanging out in luthier workshops, seeing how sound is made. Obviously I am a HIFI enthusiast. I've been trying the different JLV ligatures on my soprano for a good month (thanks Cyprien!). Before that I had tested all kinds of ligatures in all kinds of materials and I was getting a little desperate because I felt that the sound I wanted wasn't really there. Something was missing, but what? Now I know. In any case, the JLV gold ligature really removed the mist that was restricting my Gottsu bamboo mouthpiece. That's wonderful ! I have trouble putting the sax down because it’s so beautiful.. A wind instrument is like a HIFI system. A sound source (reed), a preamp (mouthpiece), amplification (bottle and body of the sax). Each element has its importance but it is the weakest link which sets the limit of the equipment. In general the quality of the cables which connect the elements. Well the ligature is the sax cable. You shouldn't skimp on the price and get the best. Particularly on mid-range instruments where the gain is HUGE. And I'm not talking about the ease of emitting bass and treble, articulation, nuances. A delight. Especially if you don't play every day like me. I really recommend these French ligatures to everyone, beginners (especially beginners in fact), amateurs and professionals. And I can't wait to try the next models! Also noteworthy is the impeccable after-sales service. To the whole team I wish good luck, especially internationally.

Bruno (Tuesday 19 July 2016 23:21:15)

Good morning !
It's my turn to leave a little testimony. I have had this ligature for 1 1/2 months now, on my tenor saxophone (ebonite mouthpiece)
I have gained in volume and the emission of bass seems easier to me.
In addition, I was able to benefit from Jean-Luc's advice on how to use the ligature as best as possible.
Overall a good purchase!


Marc (Sunday 03 July 2016 18:36:14)

I purchased a ligature during your visit to Stéphane Tranchant last week. Even if the ligature did not resurrect the buffers of my clarinet (that is perhaps not the objective), I really gained in amplitude of sound. Back home, I tried it on my saxophone which also felt better. My attacks in the bass are much easier. So you have to try! Kind regards, Pascal Bermond P.S: The Bb-Saxe Alto compatibility is an interesting source of savings!

PB (Thursday 30 June 2016 14:20:26)

For two years I have been a big fan of this JLV ligature and now there is a new bronze base, which makes further progress in sound! Bravissimo Jean-Luc! Great! Frank Bunselmeyer, clarinetist at the Stuttgart Opera

Frank (Wednesday 22 June 2016 15:17:19)

For several years, like any clarinetist, I have been looking for the best possible ligature. At a certain point and as you have to make a decision, I bought the one that suited me best A month ago, a saxophonist friend told me to try the jlv ligature because it seems to completely respect the vibration of the reed. Without having too many illusions, I went to my dealer with curiosity all the same... and I left with it. It's really a total discovery and it's the first time that my reeds literally sing. They express themselves and give their full potential. There is, I would say, an extra soul, a life that other ligatures erase or restore very poorly. Every time I play with it, I am amazed by the timbre, pure, warm sound etc. The ease of emission is incredible and also in the acute and bass is completely mastered. I find myself playing more than before and always with renewed pleasure. Well done Mr. Vignaud. (Pro clarinetist).

Mins (Wednesday 01 June 2016 09:38:34)

This ligature is exceptional. For someone who plays (tenor) irregularly like me (after having played a lot), the difficulty was to find a sound, to bring out the bass and harmonics easily. With this ligature, the result is incredible, a clear and rich sound immediately even after several days without playing, harmonics that come out without problem... So I ordered one for my soprano :-) Pierre

Pierre (Thursday 28 April 2016 15:36:31)

Dear Jean Luc I wanted to thank you for the splendid gold ligature for soprano which you showed me when I played on New Morning with Dave Liebman, as I told you at first impression, it is very subtle and also precise and gives an ideal intonation especially for classical and contemporary music. Your ligatoure gives a very very pure sound and a great staccato across the entire range of the instrument! For the soprano I also tried to use it also with the top positioned on the contrary and also gives less clear expressive colors. It’s a very well made product, compliments! Gianni Gebbia / saxophonist italy

Goebius (Saturday 26 March 2016 22:21:38)

Good morning after ligature for ebonite mouthpiece in 2014 I found myself the owner of a Vandoeuvre metal mouthpiece with leather ligature that I could not use Christmas coming and a contribution from my children here is the jlv ligature for my metal mouthpiece and what a sound ++++ in addition very good listening with two calls from Mr JLV in person (as if Mr Selmer or Mr Adolf Sax had called me). thank you mr vignaud joseph allouche frejus

lemoutonyouss (Thursday 10 March 2016 19:13:40)

A real revolution in the world of ligature: Professional on saxophones and clarinets for years, it has been a long time since I spent my time researching the new tartempion ligature, good ligatures are almost all equal and the fashion effect and marketing from manufacturers leaving me indifferent for a long time. It was by chance that I tried the JLV ligature, when accompanying one of my students to my luthier to help him choose a new clarinet. At first skeptical about the idea of changing my habits, I decided to buy one for clarinet and take it to try it on my clarinet at home; and there, the clarity, the richness of the timbre, the additional harmonics, the emission of the high notes and this impression of new freedom more than convinced me of my purchase. And by re-trying my old ligature I could only measure the difference. If the JLV ligature is a little less practical to use than some others (Optimum for example), it provides so much extra color that I am willing to spend a few more seconds adjusting it. It's been a long time since new hardware surprised me this much. I would also like to emphasize the availability, attentiveness and professionalism of Jean-Luc Vignaud, whom I subsequently spoke to several times on the telephone. Well done !

Martial (Tuesday 08 March 2016 10:51:51)

We were lucky enough to be able to try this marvel yesterday during the waiting times for the Adolph SAX competition. And surprisingly, it allows the instrument to be used in very good condition, the clarity and color (to be chosen by the musician) is impressive.

sax_tenor (Sunday 07 February 2016 10:35:28)

This is a great resource for any clarinetist. The system allows a freedom unthinkable with other ligatures, the sound is pure and clean. The work of the reed is stabilized and each performer can have a personalized emission response. I also find that the clarinet's congenital defects regarding intonation have greatly diminished. The sound, richer in harmonics, blends wonderfully with other classical instruments. The notes in the altissimo register are much easier and the homogeneity of the entire range is at a level never before heard. I have tried professional and non-professional clarinets... on each of them I obtain an excellent result. Bravo Master Jean Luc, my most sincere compliments for this brilliant invention. Paolo Gavelli

Paolo Gavelli (Tuesday 17 November 2015 23:06:26)

it's been a week...on soprano and tenor... just enormous...allows you to play on the range of each note... with the flexibility of the reed...

raphaël (Saturday 07 November 2015 21:30:36)

Hello all.. What to say ? This ligature is simply great!!! I found the ligature that makes the notes and my tenor sax vibrate, "live"! I acquired my Tenor Mark VI a little less than 10 years ago now, and day by day, year by year, I tried to make it vibrate... make it sing... express emotions even... It may seem strange what I'm saying, but it's becoming one with my sax.. When I tried this ligature (at L'ilot Vents in LILLE.. Thanks in parentheses to this last..), I initially appreciated the Brushed Brass version ligature... The clear notes, with a really different sound and vibration came out with ease and already this impression of making it "vibrate" ( in the sense of singing...) each note.... Then, I tested the gold-plated ligature... And there... It may be very subtle, fine, but for me, I entered into another "dimension"... Difficult to explain... But each note was clear... the attacks became... natural... no need to force... to concentrate on the desired nuances.. In short... I found the ligature I was looking for... the ligature I needed. I speak here as a simple amateur musician... I only play in harmony, but am passionate... A basic accordionist, I now feel like a bit of a saxophonist... Thanks to Jean Luc for his availability, his attentiveness and his professionalism... It's truly a purchase, an investment that no musician will regret... Fred...

fred59310 (Friday 09 October 2015 06:07:16)

Good morning I just received the JLV ligature yesterday and I admit that I am very pleasantly surprised! I am an amateur and a novice in clarinet. With this ligature I obtain a much richer color in terms of sounds throughout the range of the instrument, feeling of richness of sound. easier for the emission of high notes which sometimes caused me some problems. I am delighted with my purchase and I think that over time I will exploit the possibilities of this ligature even more. (I bought the gold plated ligature) thanks to jean-Luc VIGNAUD

rotsztein (Thursday 06 August 2015 13:47:03)

Well done Jean-Luc!!! Really, for two months now I have been practicing the ligature on my tenor guardala mounted on a 1949 silver tenor from Selmer. I enjoy all the reeds that suit me better. And the top-notch after-sales service Mr JLV is very friendly and very competent. Thank you and well done again

Mao (Thursday 25 June 2015 14:38:21)

This ligature really has great sound quality. It's a very good investment with the exceptional services of Mr Vignaud!! This ligature has very good sound quality. I can't even play with my old ligature anymore because this one is so perfect!! Congratulations!!!!!

maxdu68128 (Sunday 07 June 2015 17:51:10)

Very satisfied with my 2 previous ones (for ebonite soprano and tenor mouthpiece) I am even more satisfied with the 3rd - (metal tenor mouthpiece) - which I have just received, which is easier and quicker to assemble while avoiding the risks of too much strong tightening. Furthermore, I thank Mr JLV for his much appreciated personal telephone call. I also intend to gradually upgrade my equipment (soprano and alto metal, + clarinet).

bernardo (Thursday 04 June 2015 11:22:28)

Superb ligature! THANKS!

Frank Bunselmeyer (Tuesday 02 June 2015 22:49:57)

I wanted to emphasize the seriousness of Mr. Vignault's follow-up regarding his products. In addition to the quality of sound that allows me to have its ligature which I would never have been able to obtain without, I was pleasantly surprised by its after-sales service. I had damaged my ligature through inappropriate use and instead of using this argument and leaving me in trouble, Mr Vignault changed it for me 2 years after purchase without hesitation! I cannot recommend this precious help enough, especially to all those who, like me, will never reach the top, but who are happy to indulge themselves even modestly! Brigitte.​

Brigitte (Saturday 23 May 2015 18:45:51)

I bought the silver plated ligature and I am very surprised by the new sound of my sax!!! Freed, clear, warm and the most surprising thing....I can play much longer before having "the lip of a boxer" and that was not expected! ! 2nd Cool Kiss effect...only happiness Thank you JLV

tof2gou (Tuesday 05 May 2015 19:00:25)

Ligatures like crossbows I have been teaching the saxophone and various ensemble practices for over 30 years and I have been looking for years (including tinkering myself) for ligatures for my instruments worthy of a fulfilled instrumental practice. Thanks to Jean-Luc Vignaud I finally found the string to my bow. I spent the Christmas holidays working on my instruments with ever renewed pleasure. Since then, I have had my students try them, most of whom quickly adopted them, including beginners who were thrilled. Jean-Luc Vignaud's saxophone ligatures are a bit like crossbows, in shape and in effectiveness in terms of sound. They meet an essential need in the instrumental practice of the saxophone and clarinets by improving the retabbing of the reeds, better stability and vibration of the latter as well as greater ease of phrasing. The advantages are multiple but can be classified as follows: Ease of resignation and phrasing throughout the register (especially and including the bass). Homogeneity throughout the range. Increased shade palette with more contrast. Reduced fatigue because you no longer force the mouthpiece (while playing tone). More accuracy (because you can play everything tone) with softer nuances in the bass register.

antonio (Sunday 12 April 2015 20:04:17)

Good morning It has been a few months now that I have been using my JLV ligature with great pleasure on bass and contralto clarinet and I realize that by greatly helping in the emission of sound, this ligature really makes music easier for me by allowing me, despite my modest amateur level, to concentrate on the other aspects of the game.Very satisfied with my purchase, so I simply wanted to congratulate you and sincerely thank you for this sensational find.BJ

BJ (Saturday 11 April 2015 10:07:14)

Good morning, I'm a little saxophonist: by age? No ! By size? No ! By talent? Yes ! And yet, I noticed the difference from the first moments. A warmer sound, bass that comes out "on its own", easy pianissimo... in short, only positives! A small regret however, it is a shame that this ligature does not work on the fingers!!! A little more serious: a friend lent me one for a week, verdict: to try it is to adopt it! I ordered one immediately and since then my old ligature remains in the sax case and I still enjoy using the JLV. And what about the contacts with Jean-Luc Vignaud? Warm, professional, they were fruitful. He listened to me and was not shy of advice or little “tips”. Add one more word? Yes ! Try it! This is not an advertisement, I have no interest in sales or even on other occasions. A few months ago, I didn't know about ligation and today I simply want to say thank you to Jean-Luc Vignaud and encourage you to try the JLV experience!

Jujube (Tuesday 31 March 2015 16:20:46)

hello jean luc, your ligatures are simply unique and exceptional in terms of ease and scale, well done, kisses christian Bonichi.

christian (Monday 30 March 2015 22:37:42)

Without being professional you can immediately see the difference! This ligature is truly perfect. No more air leaks due to old reeds, wider sound (both in the treble and bass), ... If you have any doubt about the quality of this ligature, test it. Personally I tested it at the Musicora show, it convinced me straight away.

Gabriel (14ans) (Sunday 22 March 2015 14:09:40)

I received the ligature in its beautiful box and already its appearance was elegant as I had seen on the Internet. Given my preparation in mechanics, I noticed immediately that its construction is very well studied. Its better quality we notice when we play. In addition to the speed to insert and remove the reed, it has an exceptional breadth of sound. Its presence manages to fill the entire theater giving the instrument homogeneity from low to high sounds. I really think this ligature is unique in its kind and advise all clarinetists and saxophonists to try it. Soon I will recommend it for soprano sax.

nedo carli (Monday 19 January 2015 18:52:28)

The JLV ligature, due to its pressure on the cut part of the reed, relieves the lips and thus allows you to play more easily and for longer...

Eric Michel (Friday 16 January 2015 14:39:21)

From the first sound, we can't believe it, what a joy this ligature is perfect. Thank you thank you thank you, well done Mr. Vignaud.

Marie-Noelle (Tuesday 06 January 2015 20:00:27)

4 small pressure points and the sound emission released, well done!!! All you had to do was think about it. Indeed, even not-so-great reeds sound better. When will we have a mouthpiece that doesn't tire the lips?

Alain84 (Thursday 11 December 2014 09:10:27)

First of all, a big thank you to Jean Luc for his brilliant invention, his patience, his tenacity as well as his kindness. The first time I heard about this ligature, it was by chance, an amateur musician friend had heard about it. a truly revolutionary ligature! The comments seemed excessive, especially since in this area I thought we had covered everything. I ended up finding the address of this “geo finds everything”, only a few kilometers from my home. I was received by a very kind person who immediately made me try a prototype (at the time the ligature was not commercialized); it was like a “bowl of magic potion”!!!!! the sax vibrated superbly, the slightest expressions of breath came out wonderfully, in short it was great. I acquired a ligature when it was released, since then Jean Luc has improved it and as a result I have I modified mine and bought a second gold-plated one and it's really the best. For those who have doubts, some advice is to try this little marvel! Ligation will make your task easier in many areas. And then you have to let go, now know that everything is possible!!! A big thank you to Jean Luc. For information, I played for 15 years with the Kassav group and recently returned to my first love, "jazz". I play an original Guardala MBII mouthpiece and Vandoren ZZ strength 2.5 reeds.

CLAUDE PIRONNEAU (Monday 08 December 2014 18:35:20)

Quacks, quacks, pffff....that was before! Today, since I have the Jean-Luc ligature I know that with each hiccup...(which have become much rarer), I can no longer say that it is the fault of...the ligature...but to my fingers and my lips...because very sincerely in the space of two minutes, the time to change the ligature the day I had it in my hands.. ...I thought I was a pro....despite my two years of saxophone...well it's certain that since then I've calmed down...)))) thank you JL for this invaluable helping hand. Michel Cymes

john (Monday 24 November 2014 17:08:33)

The JLV ligature has a magical side that appears at the first try. This is surprising. But the surprise lasts over time! Imagine the scene. You keep the same instrument (for me a Selmer Mark VI tenor sax), the same mouthpiece (a metal Ponzol), the same reed (a Vandoren ZZ 2.5), the same musician (me). But you place the JLV ligature on your mouthpiece under the wise advice of its inventor Jean-Luc Vigneau. In other words, you are changing one of the smallest elements of your system. And hop ! Your sound changes immediately. And it’s enchanting. What made you tense becomes easy. The bass comes out with disconcerting ease, without forcing. High notes can be better controlled with precision. The entire range is under control. The harmonics vibrate in their fullness. The pianissimo lets the note escape to the limit of the breath. The vibrato can be varied in subtle nuances. Dynamic effects like forte/piano, but also tongue and throat effects, are as if amplified. Everything comes out with relief and control. Your listeners are captivated. In short, by just changing the ligature, the expressive palette broadens and becomes richer. The comfort of the game too. After several weeks of practice, it's the same impression each time: a delight, a desire to rediscover the full potential of one's instrument, a desire to better express one's musical sensitivity. A big thank you to Jean-Luc who is a true sound genius!

Philippe Champy (Sunday 23 November 2014 19:35:29)

Everyone can judge the JLV ligature. Nowadays saxophonists have to choose between numerous accessories: ebonite mouthpieces, metal mouthpieces, open, closed, reed reeds, plastic, cords, harnesses, ligatures... The choice is difficult and between two similar products the difference is subtle. When I was a student I asked my teacher for advice. Now I follow the advice of recognized professional saxophonists who highlight their preference for this or that brand. But with the JLV ligature the difference with other ligatures is such that you can appreciate all of its qualities yourself. Beginner, experienced, or passionate expert, you will be able to form your opinion in complete independence. Try it and you will surprise yourself.

Michel Davray (Wednesday 01 October 2014 17:53:57)

Hello Jean Luc, I think that your JLV Ligature will appeal to amateurs like me, who do not have the necessary skills to try to retabulate their own reeds themselves, even if tools exist for this. The effect is immediate, even with an average quality reed. This allows the mouthpiece to be freed (which therefore no longer has need to pinch too much, to try to compensate for a sealing problem) and therefore the sound! the magic comes from the simplicity of implementation, whatever its level on the instrument. Philippe Rossant, Alto Sax Jazz Improvisation Student

prossant (Wednesday 23 April 2014 14:44:23)

Hello Jean Luc! Your invention is revolutionary, and simply brilliant! I'm not going to give you any more ointment! ;) But honestly, we win in every aspect!! the sound, the emission, the detachment, the attacks... In short, it's just something more on my tenor! I haven't tried the soprano yet but I don't worry! I rehearsed yesterday, and recorded, I can clearly hear the difference with before! It's obvious ! YEAH!!!! To conclude, this ligature enhances the sound, the playing... THANK YOU!!!! :o)) The Inventor is a Benefactor! Good day Nicolas Conrath

KONY (Saturday 01 February 2014 11:45:07)

Thank you very much for this ligature, very well done, but above all very effective, over the entire range of my Tenor saxophone. Overall the emission is very noticeably easier, the bass is "less rough" and the overall sound is "fuller". I am amazed" !

Oliv' (Sunday 05 January 2014 00:24:27)

Good morning, Amateur musician, I met you at the Paris Fair at the Lépine competition. It took me a little time to try your ligature, but I'm won over, I really saw a difference. Thank you for this invention which, I hope, will be followed by other instruments. Claudine Denize

CLO (Wednesday 01 January 2014 17:46:20)

Being over 78 years old, I have seen several models of ligatures, each giving a small improvement. This time the difference is very big, the sound is homogeneous over the entire range of the instrument, the ease of emission is very clear, including for the harmonics. Mediocre reeds find a decent sound. Thanks to this ligature I tire much less, which at my age allows me to hope to prolong the pleasure of playing the saxophone. Louis Chassé.

Louis Chassé (Saturday 28 December 2013 13:13:16)

I confirm that I have received the ligature I consider that the jlv ligature is certainly the most important advance for the sax....since the creation of the sax I am an average amateur saxophonist with an average sax a student mouthpiece and from the start I obtained an incredible sound!!! both in the pianos and in the high notes in the low notes as well as the high notes!! thank you thank you m Vignaud I am in the process of convincing all my relations of the harmony where I play as well as the jazz workshop that I attend. Change your ligatures for a JLV!!! Joseph Allouche

Joseph Allouche (Monday 23 December 2013 20:10:28)

Hello everyone. I didn't buy a JLV ligature because I'm a pro. Actually, I'm just an amateur, but I'm also a designer. And when my sax teacher told me about this ligature which won an award in the Lepine competition, my interest was piqued, sax, design of a new product??? In terms of design, congratulations to Mr. Jean-Luc Vignaud. This ligature responds perfectly to its function, holding a reed on different mouthpiece while preventing it from vibrating at a minimum. It seems so simple and so logical when we analyze this creation, that we almost forget the work that it must have required! Especially since other problems were integrated (and resolved) in its design, retabbing, evaporation, protection... Now, in terms of sound and ease of playing, I only have one thing to say, I would almost consider myself a real saxophonist. THANKS.

Patrice Galimand (Thursday 12 December 2013 21:36:05)

I had the best ligature there was with the Winslow which was well above the others. The JLV ligature is even better and gives breathtaking results: ease of emission, precision, homogeneity and an incredible richness of harmonics. Thank you Mr Vignaud for the increased pleasure that your invention gives.

Eric Michel (Thursday 17 October 2013 17:10:29)

Super, superb and efficient. I encountered the same setbacks as its creator and thanks to him, finished... good stability of the reeds which tend to twist, ease of emission and controlled harmonies are the assets of this marvel. See you soon to meet. Music of the 4 winds - Libourne 33500

marco-jazz (Sunday 21 July 2013 08:50:22)

Thanks to you, the saxophone is in the spotlight. Your new ligature is the icing that was missing from Adolphe Sax's cake. It perfectly complements the mechanics of the saxophone. The reed vibrates to my liking, the sound is completely controlled... and with ease! Thank you Jean Luc Vignaud for sharing this superb invention with all saxophonists and also for your kindness because, what's more, he is a very nice gentleman... a real musician! :=)

Enofoxas (Wednesday 10 July 2013 14:56:32)

From Gilbert PAGNOUX Thank you poem "Don't forget your reed for a good spat before she shakes her hips Put the JLV ligature on, it’s impeccable. What a beautiful tumble of waves long live little France who will amaze the world music with complete confidence.

voltige78 (Wednesday 26 June 2013 16:24:18)

This “Arthur” league will bring together a lot of “claxophonists”, I can feel it! I can not wait to see him. Thank you for all these years of research and improvement for this accessory (if we can still call it that!)

Yoyo (Tuesday 18 June 2013 10:23:29)

Hello, my wife and especially my dogs thank you for your ligature which protects their ears. I have been playing the clarinet for 6 months and when I played the bugle there were many protests. Today it's not perfect but it's bearable. Thanks for them.

L'Dob (Saturday 15 June 2013 20:31:09)