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Daniel BELLOVI - JLV Ligature ambassador for clarinet

Daniel BELLOVI - Ambassadeur JLV - Ligature JLV pour clarinette

" The JLV ligatures produce a round and wide sound, which in turn possesses a great richness of harmonics, which makes it easy to emit and balance in all the registers of my Low Clarinets, Alto Clarinet, Basset Horn, Bass Clarinet and Contrabass Clarinet. "












Daniel is a teacher and Bass Clarinet Concertist, working as a Bass Clarinet and Contrabass Clarinet in the Valencia Municipal Symphonic Band, being in turn a member of the Antwerp Duo and various chamber groups.

Focused on promoting the Bass Clarinet as a solo and chamber music instrument, regularly invited to give lectures and masterclasses in the principal conservatories and music schools.

He has collaborated with professional Chamber groups, Wind Bands and Orchestras, such as: the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, Madrid Municipal Band, Vitoria Municipal Band, Bilbao Municipal Band; and besides, he was invited as soloist for Alicante Municipal Band, Municipal Band of Castellón, Huelva Municipal Band, Koninkiljke Harmonie Sint Cecilie de Schelle-Belgium, Hong Kong Festival Wind Orchestra, Ensemble de clarinetes “Arundo Toulon Méditérranée”, etc. For his varied solo and chamber music projects, he performed in important concert halls and auditoriums in Europe and Asia.

Daniel has premiered new compositions dedicated to him and the Bass Clarinet, working closely with important composers including Manuel Morcillo, José Alamá, Pere Sanz, Ferrer Ferran, Josep Roda, Pascual Piqueras, Eduardo Nogueroles, Miguel Hernándis, Antonio Fornet, Gerson Padilla, Diaz Yerro, Chris Hung, Eva Lopszyc or Bart Vestraeten. He has commissioned Bass Clarinet concertos “Con Cierto Sentido” by José Alamá, “The Castle of Dr. Bassclar” by Ferrer Ferran, “Impressions Dialogantes” by Juan Meseguer; and also, the double concertos for Bass Clarinet, Marimba and Symphonic Band / Orchestra: “Farnese Bridge” by Ramón García and “Spanish Dreams” by Pere Sanz, Double concerto for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Symphonic Band “Tarango” by David Rivas, etc.

He has been invited to participate in various festivals such as the 5th European Clarinet Festival in Ghent (Belgium), 10th European Clarinet Festival in Gyor (Hungary), Belgian Music Days 2018, the 33rd International Music Festival of the Canary Islands (FIMC), Percussion Festival Baketes in Benetusser (Spain), XXV and XXX Meeting Of Composers of COSICOVA, Valencia (Spain), Festival of Free Expression of the Alto Palancia (FLESAP) Segorbe (Spain) and among others.

Daniel plays with the JLV Ligature for Basset Horn, Bass Clarinet and Contrabass Clarinet platinum & gold plated finish. 






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