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Bernard PIERLUIGI - JLV Ligature ambassadors for clarinet

Pierluigi BERNARD



Pierluigi BERNARD - JLV Ambassador - JLV Ligature for clarinette

" Jean-Luc Vignaud has created a revolutionary ligature. Something that really does make the difference. 

The only ligature in the world capable of giving the freedom to choose where you want to hold your reed.This make it possible to really change the response of the reed no matter if cane or synthetic. 
The intrusion of the ligature over the reed is always minimised thanks to 4 little points of contact and it makes it look like a little spider. 
I couldn’t go back right now. 
The difference with any other ligature is so big that I wouldn’t be able to have the same feelings while playing without my “ little spider " "

Pierluigi BERNARD  














Pierluigi Bernard, received his Master Degree in music and Clarinet Performance at the G.Verdi Conservatory in his native city of Turin. He later went to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London where he studied under the great British Master, the late Jack Brymer (O.B.E.).
As Brymer’s disciple, Bernard received two of the former LSO Principal’s Boosey & Hawkes 1010 clarinets as a gift. He haas also had the privilege of being the pupil of another outstanding clarinet player: Thomas Friedli. 
Mr.Bernard learned the secrets of chamber music directly from three legends at the International Chamber Music Academy of the “Trio di Trieste" in Duino. 
He was placed as winner and finalist and different national and international competitions.
Pierluigi has been a member of the European Community Youth Orchestra, Soloist in the Guildhall Wind Ensemble, member of the Orchestra del Teatro Regio in Turin, the Turin Philharmonic Orchestra, Co-Principal (from 1994-2010) and Principal (from 2011-onwards) of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra.
He has held teaching positions at the late Academy of Orchestral Studies of the O.S.T.and at the Tenerife Music Conservatory.
He is regularly invited to perform at various prestigious concert societies and has been member in different occasions at international and national competition.
Pierluigi has recorded three CDs:one of Rossini Introduction Theme and variations; one of Piazzolla Prelude and Dance; and the last one of Milhaud Chamber Music for the label Brilliant Classics. 
Pierluigi Bernard is a Peter Eaton brand artist, and plays with the "Elite" model of traditional English wide bore and Peter Eaton’s mouthpieces; he also is a Légère reeds artist. 











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