JLV Ambassadors

Professional saxophonist

" When small thing makes a big difference. Unbelievable control and smoothness of the sound in all registers. JLV really helps you to play as you desire. " Read more
Tongjia HU
Professional saxophonist

" The JLV ligature gives me an extremely flexible sound, a free sound, the speed of emission. I found it very easy to get out the bass, the intervals and the roundness of the sound is very beautiful. It really is the best ligature I have used. Well done !! JLV !! " Read more
Professional saxophonist

" The JLV ligature allows my reeds to vibrate in their entirety, which gives me enormous freedom of expression. This very pleasant feeling is due in particular to control of the dynamic range, projection, emissions and articulation. Thanks to this ligature which corrects most of the imperfections of the reeds, they no longer become loose. In addition, this allows me to use a larger number of reeds and that safely. JLV beautifies you with balance " Read more
Professional saxophonist

" JLV ligatures allow me to play with ease, comfort and clarity that I have never had. In addition, they help to find a more pure, round, wide and homogeneous sound in all registers. There are only good things to say ! The best ligatures I’ve tried are a whole revolution. Thank you very much Monsieur Vignaud ! " Read more
Professional clarinetist

" Your clarinet ligature is the best I have played ! " Read more
JungHoon SONG
Professional saxophonist

" I finally found this historic invention for saxophonists. This wonderful ligature makes me play like I have never done before. It fits all registers and responds very quickly for quick techniques. I love him so much ! " Read more
Jason Tingkwan LAU
Professional saxophonist

" The JLV ligature is definitely the best ligature I have ever used. Its design allows me to play through all register without ease while maintaining a good sound with excellent projection. This gives me more flexibility, freedom and confidence to interpret all type of music. Bravo Jean-Luc Vignaud !!! " Read more
Professional saxophonist

" Great Ligature, more responsive " Read more
Professional saxophonist

" I fell in love with the JLV Ligature on the first try. It makes the sound shiny, beautiful, round and facilitates the emission in all registers. Love at first sight, thank you ! " Read more
Professional saxophonist

"JLV creates an amazing sound, it gives me the tone I desire." Read more
Professional saxophonist

"The ligature provides a rich center while simultaneously opening up both upper and lower frequencies in a very musical way and in an intuitive more controllable way." Read more
Professional saxophonist

"I had the pleasure to try the JLV ligature for saxophone in a music store. They are truly exceptional, they connect very well the different musical registers in all the octaves of the saxophone. Moreover I found this ligature very good especially with Légère reeds, but in general it is suitable for all types of reeds and mouthpieces." Read more
Professional clarinetist

" Great Ligature, more responsive " Read more
Professional saxophonist

" I enjoy the JLV ligature because it makes my sound more focused and I can feel that it became much easier to play wide intervals with it. Thanks to technological advances, many tricks for playing the saxophone have become more accessible. " Read more
Ensemble RAYUELA
Professional saxophonists

" The JLV ligature offers us, a palette of colors of exceptional sounds, a facility of emission in all the registers, providing a great homogeneity to our set of saxophones. " Read more
Ensemble de clarinettes Borée
Professionals clarinetists

" The JLV Ligature makes it easy to project and broadcast sound " Read more
Bingchen LI
Professional saxophonist

" I enjoy the JLV ligature because it makes my sound more focused and I can feel that it became much easier to play wide intervals with it. Thanks to technological advances, many tricks for playing the saxophone have become more accessible. " Read more
William FLORES
Professional saxophonist

" The Jlv ligature Paris is amazing.. !!! I use the gold model, I feel a lot of projection, warm sound, freedom, great tune and versatility with my set-up...  really is the best Ligature that I use ever.. !!! " Read more
Yao LU
Professional saxophonist

" JLV ligature, the best ligatures that I have ever used. It is a revolutionary design of ligatures which is not only trying to create the new method of outlook but more into the actual performance. It has great sensitivities that allows me to easily playing through all the registers of all musical styles but without losing the good quality of sound. " Read more
Professional saxophonist

" I found in this ligature a pure and natural sound, with great clarity in the articulation, which gives me great flexibility to interpret all kinds of music. Transcriptions to contemporary music. " Read more
Professional saxophonist

" JLV what happiness ! After 6 months of use, no reeds (new or used) can resist this ligature. The sound is well centered, wide and uniform in all registers. Ease of harmonic emission, flexibility for detached and increased shade control. In summary, to try it is to adopt it. " Read more
Professional saxophonist

" Easy emission, fast response, easy to place and very good ergonomics : I always use it with great satisfaction. " Read more
Professional saxophonist

" I love JLV Ligatures !
The sound is very beautiful and powerful, the bass control is easy " Read more
Bertrand DI LEONE
Professional saxophonist

" JLV ligatures offer a real comfort of play and really optimize the use of the reeds thanks to its ingenious system. Thank you for this beautiful discovery ! " Read more
Professional clarinetist

"The JLV Ligature is Magic!"
From the first note we feel the difference.
The reed vibrates more and brings a rich sound in harmonics.
It is very pleasant to play.
When we change the base of place the sound changes and we find many possibilities. " Read more
Makoto HONDO
Professional saxophonist

" The harmonic richness and the purity of the sound with the JLV Ligature, but the 1st surprise of this ligature is the ease of emission in all the registers and all the nuances. A large instrument like the baritone saxophone often has a scrambled sound, this ligature compensates for this weak point. Thank you JLV, the savior of baritone saxophonists ! " Read more
Professional clarinetist

" I searched for a lot of ligatures. JLV is very free and flexible. I love its projection and pure sound. " Read more
Professional saxophonist

" I think this is the revolution of ligature. It makes sound flow quickly without losing its quality. It becomes possible due to the unique flexibility of this model and it looks very avant-garde. You should have no doubts that it's the right choice ! " Read more
Javier PINTO
Professional saxophonist

" Using the JLV Ligature makes it easy to play the different styles of music I play, like Jazz, Latin Music, and Pop. She is really beautiful and highly recommended " Read more
Fernando RAMOS
Professional saxophonist

" This is a whole lot more than just a splendid-looking ligature.
It is a real game changer.
One can only feel it’s true potential after playing a few minutes with it.
The comfort, clarity, rich full sound, ease of articulation, tuning are unbelievable.
The list goes on and on, …and on!
Never again will the ligature world be the same again. It has become so much a part of my instrument that I can’t imagine playing without it - on all instruments.
Makes me wonder how the musical world got by before Jean-Luc’s amazing concept. I dare you to play just one note on your sax with it… " Read more
Professional saxophonist

" The Ligature "JLV" combines the resolutely modern look and remarkable efficiency !
Remarkable by the good behavior of the reed which allows a serious homogeneity-acute very comfortable.
The settings are multiple using the side screws.
A product of great success, which deserves success with the best soloists ! " Read more
Professional saxophonist

" JLV ligatures allow me to obtain an extraordinary range of colors, to project the sound and to facilitate optimally all types of joints and timbre possibilities to enjoy the game ! " Read more
Multi-instrumentist soloist

" I play the JLV ligature on all my saxophones and clarinets, and not by chance or snobbery. Whatever the instrument, I search daily for homogeneity and a constant precision in all registers and dynamics. Very clearly, and after a number of perfectly conclusive tests, it turns out that compared to my aesthetic choices, this ligature outperforms everything I had then. I would also like to say that Jean-Luc Vignaud is listening (he's a musician :-) " Read more
Carlos ALVES
Professional clarinetist

" JLV Ligature Gold plated, its fantastic and unique vibration allows a wonderful sound with great projection and balance, all of this with an enormous ease of emission. Also in the use of reeds and elimination of noise is incredible and unique. I just love it. " Read more
Professional saxophonsit

" The JLV Ligature JLV gives me a real comfort of play, in all the registers and in all the dynamics. Finally, it allows me to no longer worry about material questions and to devote myself to the music itself ! Thank you Jean-Luc Vignaud ! " Read more
Professional clarinetist

" Great ease, a very beautiful sound ! " Read more
Professional saxophonist

" For an instrument like the baritone saxophone, the JLV Ligature is ideal ! It offers a disconcerting ease of emission and a round and pure sound. " Read more
Professional clarinetist

" An original construction with a unique result in projection. The reed vibrates very freely. A pure sound ! " Read more
Professional clarinetist

" The JLV ligatures produce a round and wide sound, which in turn possesses a great richness of harmonics, which makes it easy to emit and balance in all the registers of my Low Clarinets, Alto Clarinet, Basset Horn, Bass Clarinet and Contrabass Clarinet. " Read more
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