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Maxime BAZERQUE - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone




Maxime BAZERQUE - JLV Ambassador - JLV Ligature for saxophone

" For an instrument like the baritone saxophone, the JLV Ligature is ideal ! It offers a disconcerting ease of emission and a round and pure sound. "






















Maxime Bazerque is part of the new generation of French saxophonists, and stands out for his specialization in baritone saxophone as a solo instrument. He is one of the few in France and in the world to promote this instrument, in particular during concerts as a soloist or in chamber music in prestigious venues (Théâtre du Châtelet, Halle aux Grains, Izumi Hall, Philharmonie de Paris, Maison de la Radio, Académie de Ljubljana, Zénith de Toulouse, Conservatory of Barcelona, ​​Salle Wagram, Théâtre de l'Alliance Française).

After studying at the Toulouse Conservatory, he joined the CNSMD in Paris in the prestigious class of Claude Delangle.
Having fallen in love with the baritone saxophone, he best expresses his emotions through this instrument by browsing the original repertoire, the arrangement of works as well as creation. It is through the idea of ​​bringing a new color to this atypical and powerful instrument that it creates a very personal and captivating sound for the audience.
He also develops a deep sense for contemporary music and has notably played alongside ZAZ, Cali, Boulevard des Airs at major festivals in France.

In 2015, he was selected to participate in the French Youth Orchestra and therefore performed at the Grand Théâtre de Provence and at the Philharmonie de Paris under the direction of David Zinman. He is also part of the Peacekeepers Music Orchestra as baritone saxophone since 2019.
He won first prize at the Toulouse Interclub Competition in 2014, second prize at the 9th Osaka International Chamber Music Competition with the Niobé Quartet in 2017, as well as the 2nd prize at the Andorra SaxFest International Competition in 2019.
The duo he forms with pianist Ulysse Le Beuze was rewarded at the International Léopold Bellan competition and selected for the 2019/2020 concert season of the Jeunes Talents association. This duo also took part in the program Génération France Musique, the Live on France Musique.





Bruno Serrou , Critique musical
Bruno Serrou, Music critic

Premiered in Philadelphia in early 1941, the Symphonic Dances is Serge Rachmaninoff's last orchestral score. From the first of the three movements, the OFJ exalted the energy, the hectic rhythms, subtly punctuated by oboe and solo clarinet which perfectly restored the pastoral momentum, while the saxophone excellently held by Maxime Bazerque established the nostalgia that permeates the melody that the composer has in store for it. "


Classic FM,
"There must also be some kind of multiple tonguing involved in the fast passage, because saxophonist Maxime Bazerque and pianist Claire Arbus’s interpretation is impressively speedy."


Today, I have the chance to interview the saxophonist who, during the final of the ANDORRA SAX FEST 2019, played with the baritone the piece Bab Boujloud at the level of GOD and who launched the biggest ovation that I have never heard: this saxophonist, member of Quatuor Niobé, received the second prize in an edition in which the level of the participants was very high. "


Andante Moderato,
"Claire Arbus (Piano) and Maxime Bazerque (saxophone) perform Csárdás, a very famous composition by the Italian composer Vittorio Monti. This is one of the few good renditions of the piece."












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