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Manuel PADULA - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone

Professional saxophonist


Manuel PADULA Ambassadeur Ligature JLV pour saxophone


"I had the pleasure to try the JLV ligature for saxophone in a music store. They are truly exceptional, they connect very well the different musical registers in all the octaves of the saxophone. Moreover I found this ligature very good especially with Légère reeds, but in general it is suitable for all types of reeds and mouthpieces."




Biography : 


Manuel Padula Saxophonist - Cannonball Musical Instrument Artist,Born in 1993, got his bachelor from the “U. Giordano” Conservatory of Rodi Garganico-Foggia in 2012, where he was a student of Maestro Gabriele Buschi. In 2014 he got his master degree with distinction in sax performance from the same conservatory.


In 2017 he obtained a master degree with honors in Chamber Music at the Conservatory of Bologna “G.B. Martini”, where he was a student of Maestro Guido Felizzi. During his studies in Bologna, Raffaele Manuel had the possibility to perfect his study of the sax and his repertoire under the guidance of Maestro Daniele Faziani.


Along his musical studies, he also successfully attended master classes lead by Federico Mondelci, Mario Marzi, Hans de Jong, Pavel Gusnav, Jerome Laran, Arno BornKamp, Angel Soria Diaz, Endry Wrait, Marco Gerboni, Francesco Santucci, Bill Smith. He also studied under saxophonists as Marco Gerboni and Massimo Mazzoni.


He is currently completing a master degree in Saxophone from Royal Conservatoire of Antwerpen under the guidance of Maestro Hans De Jong. He won many national and international competitions and in 2015, Raffaele Manuel won the first prize of the International Competition “Garganum” with a composition of Maestro Daniele Faziani.


For two consecutive years, in 2016 and 2018, in the “Alberghini” Competition he won the first prize in the category of Fiati solo and in Chamber Music, performing in duo with pianist Andrea D’Alonzo. In 2016 he performed for the first time as soloist in the Comunale Theatre of Bologna, winning the audition for the Orchestra directed by Maestro Caprioli.


In 2018 he started to collaborate as saxophonist with Comunale Theatre of Bologna performing during the theatrical production of West Side Story directed by Maestro Timothy Brock.


In 2019 he collaborated as saxophonist with the Philharmonic of Bologna during the symphonic production with soloist Stefano Bollani and the director Kristjan Jarvi.


He has also collaborated with the Bologna Conservatory, the Foggia Conservatory in Rodi Garganico and the Antwerp Conservatory for numerous musical productions. The saxophonist Raffaele Manuel Padula performs an intensive concert activity in Italy and Europe.