Hugo MONDIERE - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone

Professional clarinetist


Hugo MONDIERE JLV Ambassador - JLV Ligature for clarinet


" An exceptional ligature. Perfect no matter the reed. Much wider sound. Ligature that I recommend to all "




Biography : 



He started the clarinet at the age of 6 at the Villefranche sur Saône conservatory. He then returned to the CRR (Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional) in Lyon in the class of Jean-Louis Bergerard then obtained his DEM (Diploma of Studies) Musicales) by Clarinet. He improved his skills at the CRR d'Avignon with Frédéric Cellier and spent two years at CEFEDEM (training center for music teachers).
He began his professional career as a clarinet teacher at the CRR de Créteil.

At the start of the 2017/2018 school year, he met pianist Karen Daniau, a teacher at the same conservatory, and performed for the first time on Clarinet Day in Paris. From this meeting was born the duo: “The Improvised”


Hugo is part of a quartet of Balkan music: "Käsatet (cetera)" on Anse (69) and is trained in the Turkish clarinet.
He is also part of the clarinet quartet le klartet.


He is also an orchestral musician and notably plays the small clarinet in the Levallois harmony orchestra.

He is a founding member of the clarinet quartet "Klartet".

He is the organizer of a Mozart project called "the Paris symphonic circle"