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Luis Maria GONZALEZ - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone

Professional saxophonist


Luis Maria GONZALEZ JIMENEZ JLV Ambassador - JLV Ligature for saxophone


" The JLV ligature allows my reeds to vibrate in their entirety, which gives me enormous freedom of expression. This very pleasant feeling is due in particular to control of the dynamic range, projection, emissions and articulation. Thanks to this ligature which corrects most of the imperfections of the reeds, they no longer become loose. In addition, this allows me to use a larger number of reeds and that safely. JLV beautifies you with balance "




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Luis María González began his musical studies at the age of seven at the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Almería where he obtained the Professional Saxophone Diploma, with congratulations from the jury. He continued his musical studies at the Conservatorio Superior de Música "Rafael Orozco" in Córdoba and at the Conservatorio Superior de Música in Málaga. He obtained in June 2017 the License of Musician Interpreter (saxophone) with Mention Very Good unanimously with the Congratulations of the Jury at the CSM Málaga. He was then admitted to a Master in “Music, Interpretation and Heritage” at the University of Paris Saclay and at the CRR de Versailles in the class of Vincent David.

He has won several competitions: The First Prize of the Fifth Young Interpreters Competition of the City of Almería, the “DA Camera” Prize awarded by “Concerto Malaga” to the best chamber music group and the First Prize to the Selection of Young People Interpreters of the 2017 Málaga Crea Competition.

He obtained the support of various organizations to study for five months at the Institut Supérieur des Arts in Toulouse (Live Performance) and at the CRR of Toulouse, with Philippe Lecocq and Hugo Schmitt, but also to finalize his research dissertation and his recital of Master on the subject of relations between composer and performer since the 1950s, in the repertoire for the saxophone. Luis María is particularly interested in musical creation and the composer Félix Ibarrondo wrote his piece Seducing to his attention in 2019.

Today, he has been professor of Saxophone and Musical Training at the Communal Conservatories of Rungis and Chatou (Paris) since 2019. Luis María is also resident artist at the College of Spain in Paris since 2017 and he occupies the position of solo saxophonist in the Orquesta Ciudad de Almería (OCAL). He completed his Advanced Studies at the CRR de Versailles with Vincent David and Nicolas Arsenijevic, as well as his second Master, "Chamber Music" at the CNSMDP by being part of Gaman Ensemble in the class of David Walter.



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