Kim DAEGYUN - JLV Ligature ambassador for clarinet

Kim DAEGYUN Ambassador JLV Ligature for clarinet

Professional clarinetist


" I searched for a lot of ligatures.  JLV is very free and flexible.  I love its projection and pure sound. "




Biography :

Kim Daegyun was born on January 21, 1992 in the city of Busan, Korea. He learned clarinet from kim-eun-young, a clarinetist in Busan Symphonic Band in 2008, who was in his second year at Bogwang High School, In 2009, he graduated from Bokwang High School and entered the clarinet major in Kyungsung University in Busan in 2010. I entered the Kyungsung University and studied clarinet with yoon-doo Hyun, a clarinet member of Busan philharmonic orchestra, and son-ki-young, a principal clarinet of Uls.




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