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Jean-Charles RICHARD

Jean-Charles RICHARD - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone and clarinet

Jean-Charles RICHARD Ambassador JLV Ligature for saxophone and clarinet


Professional saxophonist


" I use the JLV Ligature on my two main instruments : the baritone saxophone and the soprano saxophone. And I'm a huge fan...
This ligature is lightweight and allows an excellent vibration of the reed.
On the baritone, the JLV Ligature has this particularity of allowing an optimal contact with the blunt of the reed on the table of the mouthpiece. It ensures a maximum longevity of the reeds as well as an excellent vibration quality.
Congratulations ! Long live the JLV Ligatures !




Jean-Charles RICHARD

Biography :

Classical training at the CNSM in Paris, Jean-Charles RICHARD decides to devote his research to other universes such as jazz, song, musical theater .. Read more, click here


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