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Erlend JENTOFT - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone soprano, alto, tenor, baryton


Erlend JENTOFT JLV Ligature Ambassador for saxophone

Professional saxophonist


" The JLV Ligature is the most important innovation in the saxophone world as I see it. It's superior to anything else I've played when it comes to intonation, projection and evenness. I feel the JLV Ligatures give me more freedom to express myself musically than before. Thanks Jean-Luc Vignaud 



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Erlend JENTOFT JLV Ligature Ambassador for saxophone

Biography :

Erlend Jentoft (born 16 March 1976 in Trondheim, Norway) is a Norwegian saxophonist and composer,[1] known from his performances at the Trondheim Jazz Scene and cooperations with musicians like the guitarist Håvard Stubø.

Jentoft is a graduate of the Jazz program at Trondheim Musikkonservatorium (1990–92). And has since established his own Erlend Jentoft Band and been part of the band "Division Hybrid". Since 2001 he has also participated in the orchestra "Fiber", including DJ Don Tomaso (electronics), Jon Krogstad (bass), Håvard Stubø (guitar) and Magnus Forsberg (drums), with performances including at Bylarm-Trondheim, Trondheim Jazz Festival and Trondheim Chamber Music Festival. At last can be mentioned his partisipation in the trio « Concrete », including Truls Rønning (drums) and Ola Høyer (bass).


Jentoft has composed and arranged several pieces for chamber ensembles, most popular of these pieces are for saxophone quartet, quintet and big band. He has also composed soundtrack for the movie Remote and music to several plays, and has played numerous concerts both in and outside of Norway.

2002: Where's My Bread, within « Fiber »


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