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Christian JOYEUX - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone soprano, alto, tenor, baryton


Christian JOYEUX Ambassadeur Ligature JLV pour saxophone

Professional saxophonist


"A great ease of emission on all the register of the instrument. Easier attacks, natural harmonics ... and less difficulty finding a perfect reed.


Christian JOYEUX


Biography :

Professor at the CRR of METZ-METROPOLE, Saxophonist and Artistic Director of the ART'SAX ensemble, Soloist Saxophonist at the National Orchestra of Lorraine, Pedagogical Tutor at the CEFEDEM of Lorraine, Founding member of the SAX4 saxophone quartet.

Presentation :
Born in 1956, Christian JOYEUX began his musical studies in 1963 at the age of 7 at the Harmonie Municipale de Jarny with Mr. Pierre FARCY, which allowed him to take his first steps on the saxophone.
He entered the Conservatory of Metz in 1969 and works the saxophone with Mr. Hubert PRATI.
After obtaining several first prizes (saxophone, solfege, deciphering, chamber music), he managed to enter the prestigious National Conservatory of Music of Paris in the class of Master Daniel DEFFAYET in 1975.
After obtaining the various certificates (solfeggio, deciphering, analysis), he obtained in 1979 the 1st prize of saxophone and, the following year, the 1st price of chamber music in the class of Christian LARDÉ.
In 1981, he joined the CRR de Metz as an assistant and obtained the State Diploma (D.E.) in 1986 and the Certificate of Aptitude (C.A.) in saxophone teaching in 1989.
In 1987, he was appointed Director of the Municipal School of Music and Director of the Municipal Harmony of Jarny until 2001 and, following the retirement of Mr. Hubert PRATI, he took over from the CRR of METZ-METROPOLE as Saxophone teacher.
Solo saxophonist of the National Orchestra of Lorraine (ONL), he also plays with the RADIO FRANCE National Orchestra, the Nancy Symphony and Lyric Orchestra, the Saarbrück Saarlandischer Rundfunk, the Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Franckfürt under the directions of S. OZAWA, M. TABACHNIK, E. KRIVINE, F. QUATROCCHI, J. HOUTMANN, D. KITAJENKO, J. LACOMBE, M. STERN, L. PETITGIRARD, J. MERCIER, T. MUNOZ ...
As a chamber musician, he participates in several saxophone ensembles: the DA CAMERA quartet, the Jean LEDIEU quartet, the SAX4 quartet, the ART'SAX octet.
In the field of Jazz, he plays in several formations: THESIS, Big Band Jazz SWINGERS, Big Band Laurent GIANEZ, FAVORITE THING ...
Christian JOYEUX is also regularly invited as a member of juries at CEFEDEM of Lorraine, CNFPT, D.E., as well as in various Conservatories and Music Schools.
He is heard soloist in works for saxophone and electro-acoustic music as well as in saxophone and organ parts, saxophone and piano, saxophone and harmony ...
He has also to his credit several creations (Metz Festival, Lille Festival, IRCAM ...).


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