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Newsletter Howarth of London

What if a ligature could make all the difference !

Dear friends,

Soon, a very special event for saxophonists and clarinetists of all levels will take place in your favorite London store.

During a whole day, we will be with the team of the French brand JLV Sound to introduce all the characteristics of their exclusive ligature for saxophone and clarinet.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Jean-Luc Vignaud, graduated for CNSM of Paris and inventor of the ligatures !

When: Thursday the 1st of December 2016 from 9.30am  to 5pm

Where: Howarth of London - 37 Chiltern St, London

For more information: please contact us: 020 7935 2407

Important: Bring your own horn and left apart reeds that you wouldn’t usually play to try the ligatures.



The JLV products are 100% French manufactured and won the most prestigious innovation award in France at Concours Lépine in 2013.

Those ligatures for saxophone and clarinet have a unique design improving the reeds vibrations over its whole length and opening up a new world of possibilities.

  • Released harmonics

Richer sound and improved tonal palette

  • Eased performance

Accurate and very centered sound, smoother staccatos in all registers

  • Resurfacing feature

Rectifies air leakages due to reed deformations allowing noticeable saves and optimization of the reeds increasing their quality and lifetime

  • Adjustable sound amplitude

Different sounds depending on the position of the base along the reed


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