» The JLV Ligature

The JLV Ligature

The JLV Ligature for clarinet & saxophone

A unique design for a greater sound 


The JLV Ligature is unique in the world. 

It sublimates your instrument, resurfacing feature,  an eased performance in all registers !



JLV Ligature Platinum and gold 24K plated on saxophone mouthpiece with reed and rhinestones


Trait de séparation


Harmonics released

Its design creates a sound bridge between the mouthpiece and the reed.

Its base allows the reed to vibrate over its entire lenth.

Its side screws have been designed to adapt to different mouthpieces diameters.


Trait de séparation



JLV ligature zoom on the side screws

A patented French invention

Development by Jean-Luc VIGNAUD, professional saxophonist,

Its "Resurfacing" feature corrects deformation of the reed and limits air leaks during playing

Play the reeds that you once left apart !



100% French manufacturing JLV logoLifetime warranty JLV logo
Trait de séparation

A finish, a sound

For several years, the inventor has been researching the resonance of materials.



JLV Ligature silver plated for clarinets and saxophonesJLV Ligature Black Edition for clarinets and saxophonesJLV Ligature Platinum and Gold 24K plated for clarinets and saxophonesJLV Ligature Gold Plated 24K for clarinets and saxophonesJLV Ligature Brushed Brass for clarinets and saxophones



Range of JLV ligatures for clarinets and saxophones


Eb┃Bb & A┃Alto┃Bass & ContraBass



Ebonite & metal mouthpieces
Soprano┃Alto┃Tenor┃Baritone & Bass



The JLV Ligature, in 3 dimensions






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