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Véronique TARDIF

Véronique TARDIF - JLV Ligature ambassadors for saxophones soprano, alto, tenor, baryton


Véronique TARDIF JLV Ligature Ambassador for saxophone

Professional saxophonist


" JLV Ligatures bring a real revolution in the world of saxophone : Ease of emission in all registers, fluidity of intervals, brillance and richness of sound, all to satisfy our needs of precision whatever the repertoire broached and the type of nozzle used " 

Véronique TARDIF


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Biography :

Veronique TARDIF is currently professor of saxophone at the CRR de Rouen and CRD Caux Vallée de Seine. She is also artistic director of the Grand-Camp Harmony Orchestra.

During her career, she played in different classical and contemporary ensembles, as well as Jazz : Sonata, trio with Rouen percussionsn saxophone quartet from Bordeaux, 4Sax'O fun, Aeolia, the Latin Big Band Combo...


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