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Thierry MAISON

Thierry MAISON - JLV Ligature ambassador for clarinet


Thierry MAISON JLV Ligature Ambassador for clarinet

Professional clarinetist


" The JlV Ligature platinum and gold platinum brings a great wealth in terms of harmonics, sound projection, ease of play in the different registers of the clarinet or basset horn that I also use.
A perfect homogeneity and its function of resurfacing is an additional asset of choice, bravo Jean-Luc.
Ligatures that one is obliged to make known and very happy to be part of the ambassadors of the brand and make them try as soon as an opportunity arises !


Thierry MAISON


Biography :
Clarinet teacher at ECM Sollies Toucas since 2007
Ex bass clarinet solo of the Toulon Fleet Music
Clarinet teacher at the Conservatoire de Toulon from 2004 to 2016
Clarinet Award at the Cnr de Marseille in Claude Crousier's class
Gold Medal of Chamber Music of the Cnr de Toulon
Course follow-up with Maître Jacques Lancelot.
Professor of clarinet and ensemble music in municipal music school and school of associative music
Musician reed tester for the company Steuer (manufacturer of reeds in the Var)
Clarinet teacher at CRR Toulon from 2004 to 2016.
Wien soloist concerts in Austria (2006-2009) in the presence of the French ambassador
Participation in the international festival of clarinets of the Canaries in April 2019
Concerts in Spain In Valencia, Coruna and Santiago de Compostela
Concerts in various ensembles of chamber music and symphonic orchestras and harmonies
Musical director of the clarinet ensemble "Arundo Toulon Méditerranée"

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