Sophie POULIN DE COURVAL - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone and clarinet


Sophie POULIN DE COURVAL Ambassador JLV Ligature for saxophone

Professional saxophonist


" From the first try, I immediately noticed two things : the ease of emission particularly bass, then the warm and rich sound that the ligature provides. What happiness ! I love it, thank you Jean-Luc what a beautiful invention ! 




Biography :

Recognized for the originality of her projects and her dynamism, Sophie Poulin de Courval, collaborates with many artists and musicians with whom she has given concerts in Quebec, New Brunswick, the United States, Romania, France and in Italy.

Trained with Pierre Bourque and Jean Bouchard at the Conservatoires de musique de Québec and Rimouski, she has participated in many musical groups and other touching artistic management. She has been a fellow of the CALQ, the Caisses Desjardins Youth Fund, and several times the Fonds des artistes et artisans of the Kamouraska RCM.

With the clarinetist Rino Bélanger, she creates "music is scientific" a workshop explaining the differences of their instruments in connection with science and animates since 2005, talks to feed and prepare the listening of the spectators to the classical concerts of the Cultural Center of Rivière du Loup.

Stimulated by a creative enrichment to rub shoulders with other forms of art, she produced with her colleague, the organist Jacques Boucher, a book-disc with the painter Miguel Forest, the photographer Caroline Bolieu, the writer Odile Thibault and the composer Dominique Joubert whose common approach is the look on the landscapes of Kamouraska. Attracted by heritage, she creates a show on the theme of rogations, a rural tradition of the beginning of the century.

Among the recordings, note four records and four music videos with the organist Jacques Boucher. This rather original duo is remarkable for the complicity and sensitivity of the interpretations and the fusion of the sound colors of their instruments.


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