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Sergey KOLESOV - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone




Sergey KOLESOV - JLV Ambassador - JLV Ligature for saxophone


" JLV Sound is the ligature which allows you to play with maximum freedom and flexibility of the sound. "

Sergey KOLESOV  





















Sergey Kolesov is the leading Russian musician saxophonist of today. He is conducting successful concert and pedagogical activities all over the world (Europe, America, Asia). Kolesov is the first Russian musician in history to win the "Grand-prix" at the prestigious International Adolphe Sax Competition in Dinant, Belgium, 2006. In 2019 Sergey Kolesov has been honoured to represent Russia at this huge event.


The official Yamaha (Japan) and D’Addario (USA) artist. A graduate of the Russian Gnesin's Academy of Music in the class of Professor Margarita Shaposhnikova, Sergey Kolesov is the first prize winner of an impressive number of additional prestigious international competitions: in Italy (International Chamber Music Competition "Salieri-Zinetti") Verona, 2010, and in Germany (European Chamber Music Competition) Karlsruhe, 2012. Special prize «Saxiana» at the International saxophone competition in Paris. His successful performances at these competitions have served to raise the level of concert saxophone playing up to the expectations of other more recognized and better established instruments of classical music.

“. . .all doubts regarding possibilities of classical solo saxophone were disproved at once. This first concert of 19th International Julita Festival was really fantastic. Sergey Kolesov took the public by storm from the very start.”

Sven Bertilsson, Katrineholms Kuriren, Sweden


“At a concert of the festival in Verona “Great Music in Places of Arts” two musicians Sergey Kolesov (saxophone) and Elena Grinevich (piano) have demonstrated their outstanding technical and artistic skills, both individually and in ensemble, having totally confirmed their first prize at “Saliery-Zinetty 2010”. 

Chiara Zocca, Verona, Italy


“Two great musicians performed in the City Hall of Karlsruhe - Sergey Kolesov (saxophone) and Elena Grinevich (piano), first prize winners of the 4th European Chamber Music Competition, delighting the audience with original works and transcriptions for saxophone and piano from Claude Debussy to Edison Denisov. You have to hear Sergey Kolesov yourself in order to realize the ability of his saxophone to “talk” with the human voice, conveying most precise intonation and emotional nuances.”
Claus-Dieter Hanauer, Karlsruhe, Germany


Sergey Kolesov is a professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University and Saint Petersburg State Conservatory. His students occupy leading positions in the Russian and world saxophone school. Kolesov is the organizer and inspiration for the biggest saxophone performance projects in Russia: International Saxophone Competition “The Voice of Saxophone in the Modern World” (Russian Gnesin’s Academy 2011), International Saxophone Competitions in 2014, 2015, 2017, as well as master classes with outstanding musicians from around the world. Sergey Kolesov is the author of the Russian national musical educational project «Forest Sax school in Slavonic Kremlin».


Sergey Kolesov serves as a member of juries of International competitions, the International TV children competition “Nutcracker,” as well as at a number of festivals and competitions in Russia.











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