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Sébastien TROGNON

Sébastien TROGNON - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone and clarinet

Sébastien TROGNON, professional saxophonist  -  Ambassador JLV Ligature -  JLV Sound


Professional saxophonist


" We spend our life looking for a sound, a personality on our instrument, like all saxophonists, I had heard about the JLV ligature without much believe, but I am very curious by nature and during a tour I had the opportunity to test it ...... And there, what a pleasure !!! The sound more homogeneous throughout the range, wider, an incomparable ease of emission, because of my job I could try All that was done in ligature ... Today I adopted it on all my Sax and I remain faithful to it impossible to change Jean Luc is simply an alchemist of the sound. "


Sébastien TROGNON


The Maynard Project "Captain Cook Horns" live video :




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