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Sébastien JAMES - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone


Sébastien JAMES JLV Ligature Ambassador for saxophone

Professional saxophonist


" Excellent sound rendering, easy treble and bass too. An ability to play reeds that were initially rejected.
The spouts used are 2 Selmer Soloist (opening) E and H.
I am very satisfied with this acquisition, which in turn reinforces French know-how.

Sébastien JAMES


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Saxophonist and Flautist Freelance, Composer and arranger, member and member of SACEM - SPEDIDAM - ADAMI and producer at the SCPP,
Sebastien "SebioJazz" James performs on a "Jazz & Lounge, Chill out" music with original themes but also cover covers,
Dedicated to a soft, cool ...


He produces his own arrangements on pop, jazz & bossa tunes and shapes his sonorous universe according to the musical experiences encountered and his shared emotions ....

His first album "Jazz & Lounge by SebioJazz", Entre Lounge and Smooth, Jazz & Pop, revisits these beautiful melodies, with personal and contemporary sound colors to create a unique atmosphere.

He plays with various Jazz, rock and current music ensembles while giving saxophone and jazz lessons.
Currently on 2 record projects. One that will be the 2nd part of Jazz & Lounge and a second, on a project oriented Original soundtrack for music in the image.



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"Jazz And Lounge by SebioJazz"
"See You Tomorrow by A Tree For Two"

Jazz Standards & Lounge Music
Sébastien "SebioJazz" JAMES

Cel. : +33 (0)
Nice-Cannes-Monaco-Toulon (06 & 83) & International


http://www.atreefortwo.com (Progressiv' Jazz Quartet)