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Rémi BIET - JLV Ligature ambassador for saxophone




Rémi BIET - JLV Ambassador - JLV Ligature for saxophone

" When small thing makes a big difference. 

Unbelievable control and smoothness of the sound in all registers. 
JLV really helps you to play as you desire. "

Rémi BIET  














I discovered jazz at the age of 15 on a compilation ("the giants of jazz") and, fascinated by the sound of Don Byas on "on the sunny side of the street", I decided to learn the saxophone. I started six months later playing with Rouen musicians in "clothes pegs".
Self-taught music, I borrowed a double bass to accompany Philippe Ecrepont to the sax then I became interested in the flute I decided to study.
After discovering the album of Eddie Daniels "Breakthrought" I began the study of the clarinet.
Teacher for ten years, I also taught jazz at the School of Improvisation of Jazz of Mont saint Aignan and the National School of Music of Dieppe (creation in 1979 of one of the oldest Class of jazz within a conservatory !!!)
I obtained the D.E (1986) then the C.A.de of jazz (1991)
I currently run the Jazz Department of the Rouen Conservatory
And I give courses of History of Jazz at the Musicology Faculty of Mt - st - Aignan
Denis Badault, present on the jury of the C.A., called me to be part of his National Jazz Orchestra (1991/1992/1993/1994).
I then left National Education to devote myself to full-time jazz !
I arranged and directed the music of the show "Road Movies" for Jean-Jacques MILTEAU, the Orchestral Ensemble of Basse-Normandie (12 strings 5 ​​winds) and Manu Galvin (guitar). Also performed with the Orchester National de France and André Charlier (dr) in December 2004 at the Maison de la Radio (France Music Broadcast January 2005). With the Montreal Metropolitan in Montreal for Festiblues in August 2005. The Higher Institute of Music of Tunis in sept 2007 at the International Festival of the Medina. And also with the Ebony Quartet.
I received a state commission and composed "Suite Barbare" for big band of jazz and barrel organ, with Pierre Charial on the organ.
I had the great pleasure to perform in quartet with guitaristLionel Benhamou (with stéphane Huchard on drums and Jean-Jacques Avenel on double bass).
The "Brasswinds and Percussions winter" asked me to create the music illustrating the text of Alessandro Barricco "Novecento Pianist"
I put a lot of myself in the writing of the music of "Strings and Heart" ! 
Big Band
I have made numerous recordings for the Rouen big band (of which I was the first alto since its creation in 78) and then proposed my own compositions to Christian Garros. I will take the direction of the orchestra with the pianist Philippe Carment after the death of Christian Garros in 1988. I made replacements in different orchestras including the big band Light by Laurent Cugny. The Big One by Jean-Michel Pilc that will appeal to me for his New Big One.







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