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Iris ZERDOUD - JLV Ligature ambassador for clarinet


Idris ZERDOUD Ambassadrice Ligature JLV pour clarinette

Professional clarinetist


" Since I discovered the JLV Ligature my game and my relationship has been greatly facilitated and released ! The sound is stamped, rich in harmonics, the emission is totally released in all the registers, the staccato facilitated and the reeds are much more stable thanks to the maintenance of the table that offers the ligature. It is the choice of a rich and timbre sound and a ease of play. " 



Biography :


Born in 1985 in Toulouse, Iris Zerdoud started the clarinet at the age of 8 at the Tours Regional Conservatory before continuing her studies in Paris. She was nominated at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris (CNSMDP) in February 2007 in the class of Pascal Moraguès and Jean-François Verdier and received her Master's degree in June 2012.

She participates in numerous masterclasses in Europe, notably in France, Switzerland, Portugal, the Netherlands.
Iris also performs chamber music with renowned soloists in France and abroad, Jean-François Heisser, Jean-Frédéric Neuburger and Miguel da Silva. She regularly collaborates with various orchestras including the Orchester de l'Opéra de Paris, the Orchester National de France, the Orchester de Bretagne, the Orchester de Paris, and has also been teaching clarinet for several years In conservatory and in associations.


It is at the CNSMDP that it meets the founders of the Ensemble Le Balcon, together of which it has been part since its creation in 2008 and with whom it works very regularly.


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Iris Zerdoud 
Le Balcon • clarinettiste, production & planning manager
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