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Adrien LEDOUX - JLV Ligature ambassadors for saxophones

Adrien LEDOUX Ambassadeur Ligature JLV pour saxophone

Professional saxophonist


" The JLV ligature is first and foremost an encounter with Jean-Luc, passionate and passionate. The sound result thanks to its ligatures is bluffing : ease of emission on all the register, its centered and beautiful projection, with any reed ! " 



Photo gallery :
  Adrien LEDOUX Photo 2 Ambassadeur Ligature JLV pour saxophonesAdrien LEDOUX Ambassadeur Ligature JLV pour saxophones Adrien LEDOUX Photo 3 Ambassadeur Ligature JLV pour saxophones

Biography :

Classically / contemporary, he currently teaches saxophone at the Departmental Radiation Conservatory of Corsica Henri Tomasi. Adrien holds State Degrees of Saxophone and Musical Training, as well as a National Professional Musician Diploma and a Bachelor of Musicology.
He has been developing his game for many years with other aesthetics: afrobeat, jazz, contemporary and traditional music.
His dual skills and his musical experiences allow him today to combine in his pedagogy different learning methods by relying on large directories.