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Lifetime warranty - JLV Ligature

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Dear Customer,
Thank you for your recent purchase of a JLV-Sound product.
This booklet states the legal and commercial guarantees that you benefit from as a buyer of our products.
We thank you for your loyalty and hope that the JLV-Sound accessories will give you complete satisfaction.
Customer : For the JLV-Sound guarantee this designates any buyer or final user of a product on the JLV-Sound online store and/or through partner shops.
Legal Guarantees: Designates the seller guarantees resulting from the law, notably those stated below.
Lifetime guaranteed Product: Designates the JLV Ligatures sold after September 1st 2014 ;
Commercial Guarantee:
The present booklet, duly stamped, is given to the Customer at the time of purchase. In addition to the legal guarantees described below, JLV-Sound offers a specific commercial lifetime guarantee related to the JLV Ligature product.
Commercial Guarantee object and duration:
The JLV Ligature benefits from a lifetime contractual guarantee against any manufacturing or material defect starting from the date of purchase, the purchase invoice serving as evidence.
The Commercial Guarantee only applies to the JLV Ligature metallic parts, all cork and foam pads are excluded from this Commercial Guarantee.
The Commercial Guarantee is limited to the repair or exchange of any product recognized as defective. It excludes refund and all other responsibility or compensation of any type. The contractual guarantee applies exclusively to the customer.
Commercial Guarantee limitations and exclusions:
This Commercial Guarantee is offered and provided by JLV-Sound and subject to the JLV Ligature being stored in normal conditions, meaning in a location with constant humidity and temperature suited to the products, subject to compliance with the procedure described in the present booklet. The Commercial Guarantee does not apply to the JLV Ligature surface treatments.
The JLV-Sound contractual guarantee does not cover defects related to:
- Poor handling or use, or even defects related to non-compliant use (unsuitable meteorological or temperature conditions). In this respect, JLV-Sound invite the Customer to carefully read the assembly guide supplied with JLV products.
- Damage due to unsuitable use, incorrect maintenance or incorrect storage,
- Damage due to a fall, immersion or splashes,
- Products that have been subject to modifications and/or work not approved by JLV-Sound.
- Collateral damage caused by excessive tightening of the clamp screw on the belt.
- Damage resulting from cases of force majeure as defined by the Law and Courts.
JLV-Sound declines all responsibility in case of accident arising directly or indirectly on JLV-Sound products not linked to a manufacturing defect.
Implementation of the Commercial Guarantee:
To benefit the Commercial Guarantee, the customer MUST register on the JLV-Sound website, www.ligature-jlv.com, within 3 months following the purchase date, or the Customer will not benefit this Commercial Guarantee. As a matter of fact, the Customer accepts that JLV-Sound retain his personal data.
Methods for exercising the Commercial Guarantee:
Application of the guarantee conditions as defined above is subject to the following procedure: If one of the defects covered by the guarantee (see above) appears, the Customer should:
- Contact JLV-Sound as soon as possible, via the website www.ligature-jlv.com to notify the defect so observed,
- Send JLV-Sound a copy of the purchase invoice attached to the request under the guarantee.
- Send JLV-Sound a picture of the product subject to the Commercial Guarantee.
JLV-Sound will prepare a monitoring sheet upon receiving these items and will be the Customer sole contact for managing the complaint.
JLV-Sound might ask the Customer to return the product, return costs will be of Customer’s responsibility. This shipment will be at Customer’s own risk (JLV-Sound suggests recorded delivery shipment)
If JLV-Sound determines the claim is valid, the Customer will be notified and will receive a replacement product at the earliest opportunity, shipment costs will be courtesy of JLV-Sound.
If JLV-Sound determines the Commercial Guarantee does not apply, JLV-Sound will suggest repairing the product and will send the Customer a repair quotation, shipment costs will be borne by the Customer.
Spare parts:
If the Customer has damaged his product and must replace wearing parts not covered by our Commercial Guarantee, the online store www.ligature-jlv.com is available to allow the Customer to order the JLV-Sound parts needed. JLV-Sound will offer the Customer a prior quotation for the expected cost.
Legal Guarantees:
Independently of the Commercial Guarantee thus granted, the vendor has an obligation concerning conformity of the goods and hidden defects under the conditions provided in articles 1641 to 1649 of the French civil code.
Extracts from the French consumer code:
Taken up and continued by our contractual guarantee
“The vendor is required to deliver the goods in accordance with the contract and answer for defects in conformity existing on delivery […]” (Article L211-4 ; Article L211-5)
“Action resulting from a defect in conformity is prescribed after two years counting from delivery of the goods.”
Extracts from the French civil code
“The seller is obliged to guarantee the thing sold against hidden defects that render it unsuitable for the use to which it is intended, or that so diminish this use that the buyer would not have bought it, or would only have given a lower price for it, if he had know of them”. (Article 1641)
“Action resulting from hidden defects must be started by the buyer within two years counting from the discovery of the defect. […]” (Article 1648)